Sunday, May 17, 2020

A plethora of piddling...

 It was a beautiful day today.  The seedlings were ready to plant and it looks like the weather will be good for awhile.  I put the tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, luffas, and cilantro in tubs.  I put the squash, melons, and zucchini outside.  There was a plethora of piddling around filling planters, planting flowers seeds, gladiolus, and cleaning.  About an hour after planting the seedlings, I checked to see how they were doing in the heat.  They were gone. A mouse had nipped them down to the nub.  Only one of six was left.  I quickly put a plastic collar over my remaining squash.  Ten minutes later it was gone too.  So much for that.

Last fall I stuffed my geraniums and nasturiums in this planter and put it by the basement door.  Lo and behold they did great.  

Words can't describe how good it was to get outside.  I look forward to coffee on the porch tommorow morning while I survey my domain and ponder how to grow a garden that feeds me and not the critters.  Any advice on keeping seedlings safe?

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day...

 Happy Mother's Day.  I was starting to sweat about my Mother's Day gift.  For the last few years I've tried to send my mom lemon cucumber seeds.  I got her seeds a few years ago and put them somewhere safe.  They are certainly safe.  I still haven't found them.  Last year, I couldn't find lemon cucumber seeds for sale anywhere.  This year I ordered seeds, but due to the virus shipping was delayed.  Thankfully, they came in time.  I put her seeds on  kitchen island, so I wouldn't lose them.  I ordered quite a few  seeds this year as I needed to replenish my seed supply.   The newest seeds I had were from 2016.
This rose photo is from a few years ago.  They remind me of my mother and her mother.  I am thankful that she taught me to appreciate what you have and treat it with care.  Thanks Mom!

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Something old is new again?

I haven't done a something old is new again post for a long time.  Our neighbors gave us first chance on this free willow furniture.  It is pretty banged up.  The set includes a rocking chair, a huge bench, and two chairs.  We brought it home somewhat skeptical about if it was worth the effort.  We decided that somebody put a lot of work into making them and they were actually worth quite a bit. Nothing is ever free.  We decided to power wash them and then I sanded the rocking chair and bench with steel wool.  When I'm finished, we will replace the broken pieces and give them a coat or two of linseed oil.
 We don't know anything about making willow furniture, but one is never too old to learn.  It should make for an interesting summer project.
We have enjoyed some beautiful days.  It isn't super warm, but the snow is melting.  I saw our resident fox yesterday.  I was quite happy, as I hadn't seen any tracks all winter.  Do you have any big summer projects?  Have you ever redone any willow furniture?  Tips an hints are appreciated.

Monday, April 27, 2020

If I can just make it to rhubarb...

After a long winter, my Great Aunt Bonnie used to always say, "if I can just make it to rhubarb, I'll live another year."  Sadly, she passed away on March 9th at 92.  Every time I look at my rhubarb this spring, I think of her.  She was a strong part of my childhood and instrumental in shaping who I would become.  Everyone should have an Aunt Bonnie and I try very hard to be for my nieces what she was for me. She will be missed.
I did a little shed hunting this weekend.  You may think these
are too small to be of any use, but I have big plans for them.  You may ask why a bird feeder is included in my bounty.  I was going crazy this last year trying to remember where I put it.  Come to find out, I didn't put it anywhere.  It had blown off the deck and rolled into the woods.  That wasn't the only thing I found shed hunting.  This ruffed grouse was looking for love.  The sound of grouse drumming is one of my favorite harbingers spring.

This weekend was perfect for planting.  My square foot gardening template comes in very handy for sowing carrots.  The planter turns out to be one of my best projects.  The templates make planting a breeze.

It was a productive weekend.  Spring is around the corner.  Congratulations on making it to the rhubarb.  Let's hope that means we all have another year ahead of us.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Spring cleaning commences...

 I did a major spring cleaning of the bathroom today.  It is amazing how good it feels to scrub everything from ceiling to floor.  The top of the quilt is finished.  Now I'm hoping I have enough material for the back and I need to order some batting.  The plan had been to just buy some at the local quilt store, but plans change.  Hopefully, there is a way to buy over the internet.  I try to stay local.  It is still snowing.  Spring is my least favorite season.  Around here it is soul crushing.

 The chipmunk and bird tracks on the porch are cute.  The tomatoes, broccoli, and melons are up.  In the greenhouse, the spinach is breaking through.  A peek at the fermenting fish was a mistake.  It is most definitely decomposing.  Luckily, you can't smell it unless some dummy takes the lid off.
I hope the weather is better where you are.  What is growing in your garden?  That is your favorite season?

Friday, April 10, 2020

Finally gardening...

I was finally able to garden this week.  I had to chop ice to get into the greenhouse. to get into the greenhouse.  It was worth it.  

I planted my wash tubs with lettuce and spinach.  We are supposed to get a bunch of snow and cold weather, so I left it at that.

I also cleaned out my compost worm bin.  The little buggers worked hard this winter.  You can see the before and after above.  I will use the soil to enrich my planters.  The jars to the left are filled with liquid compost. I will add a  tad when I water my plants.  To add to my fertilizer stash  I have a five gallon pail in the greenhouse.   In it stews my fish fertilizer.  Thanks to the carp we caught fishing.  In about four weeks, it should give my beds a much needed boost.

The bee keeper tended to the hives this week.  He cleaned out all of the dead bees, gave them some more food, and gave them a deck to sun on.  Both hives were buzzing with activity during this warm spell.

I used this wonderful compact house plant kit my husband got me to clean up my numerous indoor plants. I love the kit.  It has everything I need.  The best project this week was planting my seeds.  I started two pallets with tomatoes, melons, leeks, broccoli, squash, peppers, along with the ever elusive egg plant and luffa.  The other pallet is full of flowers.  I'm trying delphiniums, fireweed, and columbines.

Easter is tomorrow.  I'm ready for the egg hunt.  We, of course, won't be going anywhere.  Even if we wanted to it is supposed to blizzard.  Maybe a foot of snow.  Oh goody.  Sorry I haven't been commenting lately and didn't post last week.  I've been having some technical difficulties.  I think I'm back on track and will spend this storm catching up on your posts.  Meanwhile, I hope you all have a safe, healthy, and happy Easter.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

I love it when a plan comes together...

I am super happy with the graduation quilt.  My husband recommended the flying geese border and he was spot on.  I'm coming down the home stretch.  It has sure helped to pass the time this winter. 
Ella isn't into the social distancing.  I put her pillow in the sunshine and she decided sitting on my feet was better.  The pillow was just too far away.

I had a routine doctors appointment this week.  I also made an eye appointment, but it was a few hours later.  I made the appointments long before all this virus stuff.  Well, there isn't a lot a person can do when waiting between appointments when everything is closed. My husband recommended going to the Mt. Mariah Cemetery.  It was great.  I have lived here for 30 years and never been to the cemetery known for Wild Bill and Calamity Jane's graves.  It was super peaceful and the views were amazing.  I was happy I went.

Is there something in your area that you always wanted to visit, but never got around to it?