Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easy come and easy go...

We went fishing yesterday.  We caught several catfish and a few mooneyes.  My husband had the biggest fish of the day.  It was a very enjoyable way to spend a Saturday morning. 

Sunday was nice and sunny.  I cleaned the flower beds then planted some carrots, lettuce, and spinach.  Finally, I tackled the job I'd been dreading all winter, putting a border around the windmill.  It turned out pretty good.  I will get some fill and plant a plethora of orange flowers.  

 My daffodils are putting on a show.  I absolutely love how the sun shines through their petals.
 I wish you could have heard this bumble bee.  The trumpet of the daffodil was like a speaker and his buzzing was heard loud and clear.  I love getting close ups of bees.  Especially when you can see the pollen on their legs.  If you look closely the bees knees are full.
 These crocus are very cheery.  I'm afraid they won't last long as we are supposed to get snow tomorrow.

 As I was writing this post, this jackrabbit entertained my husband and I.  He went up the road and down the road.  Through the garden then just sat forever at the edge of the lawn.  We couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking.  
It was difficult to hold back from planting my seedlings.  I have to keep reminding myself it is only April.  These are the same crocuses around this time last year.   Easy come easy go.  I'm not even going to pretend it isn't going to snow.  I'm sure it will.  I hope everyone is enjoying nice weather.  Do you have snow in your future?

Sunday, April 16, 2017

A cool spring weekend...

Although the sun was shining all weekend, it wasn't super warm.  We went turkey hunting and saw every bird possible, except a turkey.  We saw hawks, wood ducks, other ducks, geese, kingfishers, meadowlarks, robins, black birds, and even heard some pheasants.    We only heard one gobble far far away.  Still it was very fun to sit and enjoy the sounds of spring.  
 I got some quick shots of the geese as they swam away.  They nest along the river.  
 At the home front, my orchard is blooming.  I'm pretty excited about that.  I thought they were fickel to keep as a houseplant.  This fella has been a pretty easy keeper.
 My seedlings look great.  At some point, I need to transplant them.
In the Black Hills the snow has melted and the pasque flowers are making their appearance.
Another weekend flew by.  We kept busy.  I hope everyone had a happy Easter.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Back in the swing of things...

It has been a rough start to the year, but hopefully we will be back on track.  It was warm this weekend and I got a lot done in the garden.  I am not pie eyed, it is supposed to snow 8 inches tonight.  

 The seedlings are up in the greenhouse.  The spinach, lettuce, and peas are all looking good.  Please no comments on the careful spacing.
 I was able to till up the garden using a good old fashioned shovel.  I was very excited by the amount of worms in the soil and the progress of my garlic and onions.  I even had a couple of carrots overwinter.  My asparagus is also starting to peak out.

 I need to plant more crocus.  They are such happy little buggers.  The problem is they start to show and then get crushed by snow.
 The orchard looks wonderful.  The garden looks good.  The flower seeds I sowed are coming up.  I'm ecstatic with how things are shaping up outdoors.   On the house front, I am keeping busy.  It started raining heavily and I was stuck going indoors.
 When it started to rain I had to do something inside.  I settled on pumpkin cake.  An odd choice for spring.  I also bottled my Giggling Gooseberry wine.  I am super happy with it.  I was afraid it would be teary eyed tart, but it is just right.  
It is getting harder to work on indoor things, as I love being outdoors.  Next weekend I will be turkey hunting with my bow.  Hopefully, we will be able to do a little fishing.  What is going on in your neck of the woods?   I leave you with a few beautiful sunsets.  

Wishing you a beautiful spring!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spring has sprung...

Spring has sprung between squalls of snow.  I'm going to remain hopeful, although I know we are bound to get a few big snows between now and the end of May.  My seeds are up and looking good.  They are getting shuttled between the greenhouse and the cabin.  Our weather has been wild.  We go from 30's to high 60's at the whim of Mother Nature.  

 Once the seedlings get a little bigger they will be moved to the greenhouse permanently.  My father got me a little heater so they can stay toasty during our cool evenings.  I'm very happy with my germination rate.  They only thing that hasn't shown life are the peppers and I've never been lucky with peppers.  Every year I plant them despite eminent failure, because hope does spring eternal. 
My husband has been working hard on his barn project.  The grand unveiling will be next week.  He has done an amazing job and I'm super proud of him.   Other than that, life is slow in the forest.  One day it is beautiful and I do a little raking and the next it is snowing like crazy. 

Are there any projects you are working on?  Are there any plants that you try every year and have yet to see success?  Hope everyone out there is getting a taste of spring.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Back to busy...

Whether I feel good or not, the weather was too nice to not take advantage of a winter respite.  I raked the lawn, planted seeds, planted the green house, and even put up a new piece of garden art I got.
I held off as long as I could, but raking the yard in the spring is a tradition I enjoy.  Now it just needs a rain and it will turn green.
 I managed to plant both flats.  Tomatoes, peppers, luffa, pumpkins, ground cherries, broccoli, squash, some little cucumbers, and a few flower seeds.  I always plant lettuce, spinach, and peas in the greenhouse.  I also planted some chamomile in the tea garden.  

I have seen this little garden decoration on pinterest for a long time now.  I would follow the pin and see it was for sale on e-bay.  Then one day they were gone.  I was very disappointed.  I often suffer from buyers regret, but I also suffer from non-buyers remorse.  When I saw it for sale again, I did not hesitate and bought it.  No regrets.  I think it is wonderful.  One of my goals for the garden this year was to incorporate more art into the garden.

 My bulbs, rhubarb, and peonies are coming up.  I am especially excited that the peonies I am babysitting for my sister seem to have survived the winter.  They didn't look very good last year, so I'm happy I didn't kill them.

 Of course I have to bake something over the weekend.  This time my husband requested some Famous Amos Cookies.  They are tiny, but packed with yumminess.  
Famous Amos Cookies
1/2 c. shortning
1/4 c. butter
1/2 c. dark brown sugar
1/2 c. sugar
1 egg
1 t. vanilla
1/4 c. milk
2 c. flour
3/4 t. baking soda
1 t. salt
1 c. mini chocolate chips
Mix shortening, butter, sugars, egg, vanilla, and milk.  Slowly add flour soda and salt.  Fold in the chips.  Use a teaspoon (yes, a teaspoon) to scoop them onto the baking sheet.  Bake at 325 degrees for 16 minutes.
My brother made me this cup out of clay.  I love it.  It fits my had perfectly and keeps my water cold.  I am lucky to have such a talented brother.  

That was my weekend of adventure.  Both days it got up into the high 60's.  I guess it is supposed to stay warm.  I'm sure we will get some more snow, but I will enjoy it while I can.  Has anyone else started their seeds?  What is your favorite thing to plant?  I think mine are the tomatoes.  Hope you are having good weather.  

Sunday, March 12, 2017


I'm not going to lie things haven't been going well lately.  Work and health has taken its toll.  Just to keep it real the weather is nasty cold and icy.  Trying to hold my hygge, I'm going to look at things from my past that I am thankful for.

Sorry it wasn't the most positive post.  It can't be all sunshine and roses.  It did help to look at them.

Hope you are all having happy healthy days.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Early spring blahs...

I have the early spring blahs. We have had a few warm days and I can actually see grass in our yard.   It is too early to rake.  This is the worst time of the year.  Our biggest blizzards are usually from March to early May.  It is hard because you want to start gardening, but it is way to early.  I started my spring cleaning in January.  Just a little at a time.  First the closet.  Then the freezer and refrigerator.  This weekend I cleared out under the sink, the cupboards, and reorganized. 
I am pretty excited about one of my revelations.  I moved my picnic baskets so they were right next to the dishwasher.  It has been the best idea ever.  Why you ask?  My clean jars and bottles are stored downstairs.  Every night I start the dishwasher and every morning I empty it.  I'm not an early riser, so my mornings are perfectly timed events.  I don't have time to run my jars and such downstairs.  (My dad used to say if I broke a shoelace I would miss the bus.) Clean jars would build up on the counter, because I don't have a lot of room in my cupboards.  I don't like clutter and I either had to get up earlier or come up with a new plan.  Then I had an epiphany.  I put the picnic basket right next to the dishwasher.  When I unload in the mornings any cleaned jars or bottles go into the picnic basket. Volia, the items are inconspicuously stowed and it is easy to carry them downstairs.  I wait until the basket is full and then make one trip instead of 10.  Lazy maybe, but it is a good use of an otherwise item that would only get used a few times a year otherwise.  I also get that extra five minutes of sleep.  
Besides cleaning, I bottled some raspberry wine and made an apple pie and cherry pie.  Ella and I had to move to town for our walks, because the snow us pretty rotten and isn't good for snowshoeing or walking.   I also lit a candle, snuggled under a blanket, made a cup of hot cocoa, and read my new book on hygge.  If your are a follower of my blog, you know I am a big fan of the Danish tradition of coziness.  It was a good read.  It gave me a few more ideas to make our cabin cozier for guests.  One of these was to get a few more board games.  These will be useful when the weather isn't cooperating and we have guests.  Speaking of games, my husband and I also played a few hands of cribbage.  We haven't played since college and it has been a fun way to pass the evening.  The weather has been pretty nice, so I was able to enjoy mornings with coffee and Ella on the porch.  I also did a little garden planning.  

That is pretty much it.  Nothing overly exciting.  Just passing time until the weather permits me to work outside.  How do you pass the days when it isn't nice enough to get out and do things?