Sunday, August 28, 2016


It was a quiet weekend.  Very little exciting to share.  There does seem to be a lot of insects around this time of year.  I couldn't get close enough to a butterfly and didn't have my camera with me when I saw the world's creepiest red bug.  Still I got a few photos.

 A very intimidating spider.  
 My hiccuping hummingbird left, but the hummingbird moth showed up.  They always look so angry.

The only reason I was able to capture this dragonfly was because his right wing is broken.  The dragonflies at our pond are unmerciful with their fighting.  This guy hid under a branch and they still went after him.  They are not very nice.  

Any interesting bugs in your garden?  I sure wish I had been able to capture the red wasp looking thing.  It had black hairs sticking out all haphazardly of it's bright red fat thorax.  It was one of the ugliest things I've ever seen.  

This little wooly caterpillar was scooting along when Kelly and I went on our evening walk.  He is the first one I've seen this year.  I had to add him to the post.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

And before you knew it summer fell into fall...

Friday we got 1.8 inches of rain and things cooled down immensely.  Suddenly it was fall.  My flowers perked up like crazy.  I spent Saturday evening on the porch thankful for everything.  

The scent of phlox filled the air.  The temperature was perfect, not too hot or cold with a touch of autumn crispness.  The sun played with the flower petals making them look like stained glass.  The resident dragonfly's wings buzzed and a mob of robins were chirping their hearts out.  I was sipping my first glass of dandelion wine.  Now I know you are going to ask me the same thing everyone else has asked... "What does it taste like?"  I cannot answer that.  I ate some dandelion petals and they are basically tasteless.  I had my husband try a sip and describe it.  He said it tastes like a white wine.  I guess that is the best description you will get, but I digress.    

It was the perfect late summer evening.  Since I cannot share the sounds, tastes, and smells, I will at least share the sights. 
 This is the only rose that re-bloomed this  year.  It is called Music Box.  I love how it starts out yellow then slowly turns pink. 
 This sunflower is one of many that are throughout the garden.  Some were planted by me and some by the chipmunks.  I love how the sun shines through their petals.

 Bam... the Dolgo crabapples turned red overnight.  I think they will be ready next weekend. The Haralson apples are also plentiful this year. 

 I love our new windmill.  It really matches the rest of the property and hides the well nicely.  It is more stalwart than the last one. 
I am enamored by my Peaches and Cream Hollyhocks.  I get lost in the folds of their petals. They look so delicate and yet they are quite hardy.   
The final feeling of fall came when the robins gathered in groups of 20 or more.  I wasn't able to get a picture of them all.  Hanging out with them was a catbird and tanager.  I tried to get a photo, but they busted me and took off.  Drat.  
 I wish it would last forever.  It is the little things like a perfect late summer evening that make life great.  What is your piece of heaven here on earth?

Sunday, August 14, 2016

They survived a week with Aunt Bonnie...

 I was lucky enough to have three out of four nieces for three days.  It was not a lot of time, but it was jam packed.  

 Photos in the sunflowers, a stop at Wall Drug, and an afternoon hike to observe bugs and plants.
 We did our traditional picnic at Spearfish Park, fed the fish at the hatchery, and the girls played in the water for hours.  We had the top and doors off of the Jeep.

The next day was Aunt Bonnie's annual "Hike for Hell."  It wasn't supposed to be miserable.  The girls had never been to Wyoming, so I thought I would cross that off of their list and we could hike Devil's Tower.  There were a lot of people due to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, so we opted for the quieter, 2.8 mile trail.  We ran 3 miles in May and figured this would be a breeze.

Little did we know we wished for a breeze.  It was over 100 and there had been a fire a few years ago, thus there were not many trees.  To top it off, do you see Devil's Tower?  If you look closely the very top can be seen way in the distance.  
 Luckily, I had brought lots of water.  Not quite the chipper group as the photo when we began.  The girls weren't impressed and I really wasn't either.  
We survived another of Aunt Bonnie's hikes.  The girls want a shirt with that claim.  We barely made Bear Butte last year and Devil's Tower was hot as heck.   In the end, we were laughing as we picniced in the air conditioned Jeep eating Sierra's  awesome Jello.
 We made two pies, jello, pizza, lemonade, and chokecherry jelly.  These girls are great hands in the kitchen.  We painted pinecones and rocks, took photos for 4-H, and played lots of Giant Jenga.  The girls practiced their pitching skills with Uncle Kelly and they watched the Olympics.  
 We ended the trip fishing.  All of the girls caught fish and again with the picnic.  My picnic baskets were well used.    In the end, I left them with their dad in the middle of nowhere.  I mean literally nowhere, no houses, barns, towns, not even an electric pole, nothing but pasture...  It was amazing.
 I love my nieces and look forward to our time together.    They are great young ladies and I was proud of how well they did.  We had a lot of fun and I can't wait for our adventures next years.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

I wish I was on the porch..

 Despite the heat my vegetable garden is doing great.  The corn, beans, onions, garlic, pumpkins, and cucumbers are making progress.
We have been super busy here.  Between seeing old friends and staining a barn we are exhausted.   
 My nieces will be here tomorrow and we are looking forward to a fun filled week.  
Despite my neglect my flowers are blooming.   I have a few shots to share.
 I have a few more hummingbird photos.
 She makes me tired just looking at pictures of her.
Well, I have things to do to get things ready for the little ones.  Hope everyone is enjoying family time this summer.