Friday, November 29, 2013

I am thankful for...

I am Thankful for Family...
We had a great time at with my sister and her little crew.  It was a wonderful week and a great Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

blogger blues...

No, I did not contract early onset Alzheimer's on my birthday and forget how to blog.  I just don't have anything to share.  I've started several projects, but haven't finished them.  I went hunting, but didn't see a thing.  My garden is done.  I'm afraid I have the blogger blues.  I couldn't even get a good photo of my mascot the Blue Jay.  Hopefully, it won't last long.  In the meantime I will look to my blogger friends for inspiration.

Monday, November 4, 2013

A day older...

 I'm a bit slow on posting.  I've been keeping busy.  Somewhere in the last few weeks I celebrated my birthday. Kelly and I  also enjoyed our 19th year of marriage.  I have really pondered about how much I am enjoying my 40's.  I am both confident and comfortable in my life.  I have learned a few things along the way. 

Lesson 1:  Stay Fit - I learned something at 40 that I took for granted in my 30's.  Staying in shape. I became a principal in my 30's.  I was so focused on the challenges, that I let my exercise routine slip away.  I entered 40 with a determination to get back in shape. My niece encouraged me to try something different.  We both agreed to run the Mickelson Trail Half Marathon.  I hadn't run since high school.  I did the 13 miles (gulp) and in a decent time.   I was going to burn my shoes after that, but my friend in Denmark signed us up for the world's largest 5k (a mere 3 miles).  Since then I have kept up with my running and weight lifting.  I will continue running and am appreciative that I have good friends that push me when I need it. 

Lesson 2: It is never too late to Learn -  Pinterest has given me the resources to try different things that I was always interested in, but never had information on.  Again, I had kind of become stuck in a rut.  Just doing things I had always done.  Now I am expanding my quilting, garden projects, recipes, canning, and even some beauty stuff.  Now, I look ideas up all week and Sunday is project day.  I look forward to Sunday and what new ideas I can try next.

Lesson 3:  Rise to the Gardening Challenge -  My husband has been the person who pushed me to this realization.  When I only grew perennial flowers, he built me a rose garden.  Only professionals grow roses, but by golly I have had some survive (not all mind you, but my survival rate is improving).  Next, he built me a greenhouse.  Vegetables?  Only my Mom and sister can grow vegetables, I missed that gene.  What do you know I even had sweet corn and potatoes this year.  I've added two outdoor beds and have thoughts for a third.  My orchard is starting to produce, which took patience.  My last achievement is this year I grew annual flowers, which always eluded me.  I was so excited about my peaches and cream hollyhocks and dahlias.
Lesson 3:  Take care of your Body - I never cared much about make up, creams, and such.  They are expensive and I am notoriously cheap.  Then I learned how to make my own and I liked knowing what was in the ingredients.  I realized they did make a difference  Not everything I made worked, but some did and I can tell the difference.  I now use homemade hair conditioners, sugar scrubs, and face toner.  

Lesson 4: There is True Love -  What can I say?  My husband followed me halfway around the world.  His support and love amazes me more and more every day.  I am so lucky.  My love for him grows with every passing year. 

 That's what I have learned so far.  I'm sure there are plenty of life's lessons still waiting for me.  I look forward to what I have yet to learn.