Sunday, October 29, 2023

Bird is the word...

What a perfect week.  We did get snow, which is a bit of a drat.  The flurries weren't so bad, as it was the first cold weather of the fall.  I won't lie, it was nice to snuggle under the covers as the snow fell.

I worked on my next graduation quilt, sorted harvested seeds, and cleaned out my closet.   
Since my birthday is this month, I went in for my annual tune up:  doctor, dentist, eye, and mammogram.  I even got a COVID vaccination.  Looks like I'm good for another year.  I celebrated my health with wine and dark chocolate truffles.  Probably not the healthiest way to  celebrate, but my next appointment is in a year so I have time to clean up my act.
I kept the bird feeders full, and did some indoor bird watching. 

There was even a magpie today, but I wasn't fast enough to get a photo.   
My husband and I were lucky enough to celebrate our 29th anniversary this week.  He made me an amazing birthday cake and the best steaks ever.  I am so thankful to be married to such a thoughtful man and fabulous chef.  It is a good life and I couldn't be happier. 
Have you had snow yet? What birds are you seeing?  What do you have to celebrate?

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Pumpkin Patch..

 What a perfect fall weekend.   My husband and I have always wanted to go to the Spearfish corn maze and pumpkin patch.  The weather was wonderful, so we went. 

Just as we got there a huge flock of cranes flew over. 
Thanks to my expert guiding skills, we made it through the corn maze easy peasy.
The pumpkin patch was wonderful and huge.   They had every type of pumpkin you could imagine. 

I have never seen such an array of pumpkins.
They turned old silos into shops.
The corn maze covered several acres.
Besides all of the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch, they had the nicest ones set aside. 
Also this weekend my husband and I took several fall strolls.  We had a competition as to who could find the prettiest leaves.  There were no losers.
I had this bird make a quick appearance.  It may be a Clark's Nutcracker, but I am uncertain.   It flew in, attacked the chipmunk hiding in the rocks, and flew off.  Never to be seen again. 
It wasn't our only visitor this weekend.  I caught this packrat in the shed.  I knew something had taken up residence in there and it was either a packrat or a skunk.  Lucky for me when I opened the shed door, it wasn't a skunk.  When we went to release him (I sure hope it was a him) several miles away. He ran out of the trap, turned around, and ran right towards us. Then jumped a foot in the air. You have never seen two people scatter so fast.  I'm still laughing. 
That was our adventures for the week.  I won't lie, I may have caught my husband's pumpkin bug.  Have you ever been to a corn maze or perused a pumpkin patch?

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Wish you were here...

I absolutely love fall.  It is magical.   This week was perfect.   We received a lot of rain with none of the forecasted snow.  I am sure the plants will appreciate a soaking before they close down for the winter. 

We had family up for a good visit.  Usually, they come in the spring.  This year I suggested they come in the fall and enjoy the fall colors.   Luckily, the weather and the leaves cooperated.  Instead of watching tanagers we watched blue jays.  Phyllis made me some dish cloths and I am very appreciative.  I absolutely love homemade dish cloths.  They are so much better than the junk you get from a store.

The beekeeper also stopped by.  As you can see, it was a great year for the bees.  

These water droplets were frozen.  I couldn't stop taking pictures.   They were so breathtaking. 

Nature is an amazing artist.  The colors, shapes, and textures are both vibrant and rich.

Saturday was quite cold, so after a brisk walk, we went for a drive.  We found ourselves at the Moonshine Gulch Saloon.  Our stay was rather short as there was quite the baudy crowd inside.   I am not joking.   Pretty surprising for 2:00 in the afternoon in October. 

I would much rather spend peaceful time on the porch. 

While winter makes you rest and retreat,  autumn inspires and invigorates.  My husband and I have been taking walks almost daily.   It is a shame that winter hogs the majority of the days.  Fall always feels fleeting. 

My bulbs finally came.  Ella and I laid them out and planned our planting attack.  She sniffed them over to make sure they were fresh.  Of course during planting, Ella has my back in case our lion shows up.  We have been seeing our lovely lion weekly on the cameras.  

I cleaned out the greenhouse and put the rose garden bench inside, so could go there on warm winter days.
There seems to be some interest in my Hindu Rope Hoya.  It finally bloomed and I  thought I would share.  They don't smell, but it blooms for a long time. 

It is hard to get me inside on beautiful days like today.  I sat on the deck roasting marshmallows this evening, making smores, sipping hot cocoa, watching the deer in the meadow, and loving life.
Which season is your favorite and what do you love about it?  How do you celebrate?