Sunday, February 25, 2018


There is absolutely nothing going on.  No projects, no visitors, and no baking.  It was a pretty quiet weekend.  All I have is a bighorn sheep update.  They are still maintaining after being released about three years ago.   They love people and licking salt off of the road.  Thus, they are often found gallivanting around Deadwood.

Sorry they aren't the best photos.  They were taken with my phone.  Hopefully, I will have something to post next weekend.  The temps have been hovering around zero, but it is supposed to warm up.  Hope your weekend was more eventful.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

I have painted everything I can paint...

We live in a log cabin and I am a true believer that nature is the greatest artist.  Therefore, we don't have a lot of sheetrock.  Three bathrooms and that is it.  After 16 years, it was time to repaint.    I did the upstairs bathroom a few weeks ago.  This weekend I did the main bathroom.  Here are a few before photos.

I almost forgot to take before photos.  I also failed to include a photo of the shower curtain.  Some people didn't like my blue, but loved it.  It was bright and cheerful.  It didn't feel cold.  Instead it felt like the sky on a sunny day.  Still, it was time for a change.  Picking colors wasn't easy.

My goal was warm colors.  I won't lie, I was sad to see my blue go.  I used vinegar and water to remove the wall paper border.  I am happy with the final results.  It is cozy and inviting. The shower curtain is the same.  Amazingly it matches both the blue and the spice.  

That was my weekend project.  I was done earlier than expected.  I guess I will have to try and relax tomorrow.  Shoveling should keep me active.  It is snowing again and we have about six inches.

I'm running out of projects to keep me busy. I still need to finish the picnic basket, make curtains for the bathroom, and maybe a quilt for the guest bedroom.  Sounds like a trip to the fabric store.

What do you have left on your winter to do list?

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Something old is new again with a picnic basket...

 Last week was busy and very negative.  Luckily, Saturday started out with a visit from our neighbors.  I made a bunch of hors d'oeuvres and we enjoyed good company and several games of pool.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  A relaxed evening with some wonderful friends.  

Sunday was project day.  I had no pressing matters, so I began my picnic basket project.  I'm  a sucker for picnic baskets.  I found this one at a garage sale for $8.  There hasn't been time, until now, to give it some tender loving care.  The inside was caked with hot glue and a piece of elastic stapled to the top.  When it was new, I'm sure it had a fabric liner and the elastic held silverware.

 It all had to go.  I used pliers to pull out the staples and a razor to remove the glue.  Then I gave everything a light sanding.
After sanding the top and cleaning the basket, I took the food grade mineral oil I use on my butcher block counter top and gave the whole basket a coat.  It soaked in like crazy.  You can see the difference in the photos.  
The next half of the project will be to find some material to line the inside and matching elastic to hold glasses and utensils.  I think I have the right fabric in my stash.  I would also like to find some dishes and napkins to match the whole thing.  Maybe even a matching blanket.  
I now have three fabulous picnic baskets.  The top one is perfect for a romantic picnic with two.  It is very intricate and I also gave it a good coat of food safe mineral oil.  Hopefully, that will keep it in tip top condition.

The middle one has a Danish theme and is perfect for four. I have matching water bottles, napkins, and plates inside. It is great when I take the three nieces on our adventures.   

The basket on the bottom is going to be my super deluxe let's feed everyone in the country version.   I will keep you updated on it's progress.  

Despite a rotten week, the company of good friends and the thought of future fun times with others has lifted my spirits.  I hope to find a few more baskets.  One day, I will give one to each of my nieces and nephew, so they can remember the fun times and carry on the picnic tradition.  Right now, I am excited at the prospect that my baskets will be in the perfect condition when warmer weather comes.  

Do you go on picnics?  Do you have any picnic baskets?  What is your favorite picnic memory? 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

It is curtains...

Finally, it is curtains for the curtains.  My mom tried hard to teach me to sew like a normal person.  Problem was my mind was outside riding horses.  Here I am 30 years later wishing I'd paid attention.  They look ok from afar.  Up close anyone who knows how to sew will shake their head in dismay.  Sorry Mom, I should have paid more attention.

Other than struggling with curtains, it was a quiet weekend.  No fancy cooking.  Just a quiet snowshoeing trek with the dog.
I have to show you Ella's moose bone.  She keeps digging it out after every snow.  She stands to chew on it.  I looked out the other day and it was frozen straight up.  Maybe she did that so she can find it after the next snow.
My seeds are ordered and the garden is planned.  With the temperatures well below zero, I have lots of cabin time on my hands.  The next project will be painting the main bathroom.  I may even get more material and make a quilt to match the curtains.  What are your cabin time projects?