Sunday, August 27, 2023

Cabin Life...

 I am thankful for my cabin life.  You get up in the morning and have a cup of coffee with your dog at your feet. 

You water the plants on the porch and if you are lucky, they repay you with blooms.

A doe with a fawn or two will wander through the yard.
Butterflies enjoy the taste of the phlox as much as you enjoy the aroma.

If you look carefully, you might catch a glimpse a frog hopping through the yard.

There are bees everywhere.   Maybe you can even find a beekeeper, his bees pollinate your flowers and a little honey on the side.

The chipmunks provide constant entertainment.
The peeping of baby turkeys fills the air as they try to keep track of their mother.
You can wander around observing the action in the bee and butterfly bed.
You may even check on your husband's giant pumpkin's progress.
While wandering through the garden, you might grab some bumblebee tomatoes or stop and pick some sand cherries
Yoga on the lawn is the perfect way to end the day. P

Then as the stars come out a cozy fire and a glass of homemade wine.  Visiting with your husband about up coming projects.  Life is good!

What is your perfect day?

Sunday, August 20, 2023

A garden study...


I hope you enjoyed the photos.  I sure enjoyed wandering around the garden capturing all of the amazing things.  

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Wind and rain...

 It was a cold rainy weekend.  Those tend to be perfect for taking pictures.

The bumblebees are loving the bee balm.  It seems like a lot of work.
I have a ton of carrots.  All different kinds purple, orange, and white.  I like slicing them into strips, lightly coat them with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and Parmesan cheese.  Broil at 400 degrees until soft.  Yummy.

The turkeys come and the turkeys go.  What they are looking for I don't know.

I had fun running around under an umbrella taking pictures in the rain.

I'm super happy with the butterfly/bee bed.  Doesn't it look gorgeous?
My Jackmanii Clematis is blooming like crazy.  

I'm pretty pleased with the gardens this year.  All the timely rain has made it an enjoyable season.  
My beans are doing great.  We love sauteing them in bacon grease with some onions and garlic cloves.  Perfect with a deer steak.

I did get quite a bit of house cleaning done with all the wind and rain.  What is your favorite garden fare?  What is your go to recipe for your fresh vegetables?