Sunday, December 18, 2022

I am dreaming of a white Christmas...

 We got a little snow this week.

They name snowstorms now.  This one was called Diaz.
I don't know what the final tally was.  Some reports say we got five feet, but I think four.
It started snowing and blowing Tuesday afternoon and finally blew out late Friday.   
Our students were supposed to go home on Winter Break Thursday.  We got some out Monday.  A few here and there through the week as some flights were able to get out.  Hopefully, the busses were able to get out Saturday.  The last of the flights are Monday and Tuesday.  

Overall, they have taken it well. The staff did an amazing job of covering shifts.

The snow was super light.  If you fell in getting out was a deal.  There was nothing solid to push against.  To get out you had to swim.  
My bears came in handy for drying my hat between shoveling sessions.
All in all it is over.  We will wait for the next one.  The good news is Ella is doing great.  A relief to us both.  

Are you ready for Christmas?  It looks like it will be a white one for us.

Sunday, December 11, 2022


 We had a scare this week.  Last Sunday, after our run, Ella slept.  That isn't unusual as she is 14, but the next day she wouldn't move.  She was exhausted, wheezing, and there was no life in her eyes.  We got her to the vet and found out she had pancreatitis and pneumonia.  She had to spend the week at the vet's.  It was a long lonely week.  Luckily, she is home and healthy.  Almost back to her old self.

We took it easy this weekend and kept her quiet.  Our biggest event was making Christmas cookies and getting my brother's Jeep ready for him.

The Jeep has been sitting for 15 or so years.  Our local mechanic gave it some TLC and it has roared back to life.  He fixed it before our impending blizzard, since it doesn't have a top.

Other than that not much is going on. I'm sent Christmas cards and am done with most of our shopping.  I'm anxious to see if we really get the big blizzard as predicted.  

Are you ready for Christmas?  Please, do me a favor and give your pet a little extra love this week.  

Sunday, December 4, 2022

A little of this and a bit of that...

Actually, there isn't much of this or that.  We didn't do much this week, except some Christmas shopping.  I am now working on my second graduation quilt.  

 actually went bowhunting.  It was absolutely beautiful out.  I saw quite a few deer, but nothing got close.  That is ok.  I just enjoyed sitting outside watching the world go by.

We took Ella for a long run.  She was super happy to check out what was going on in the neighborhood.  We appreciated the fresh air and stretching our legs.

We are all wore out.  Walking in soft snow is a lot of work.  We're you able to get out and enjoy winter?  I hope so...