Sunday, June 23, 2019


I got to watch my nieces rodeo this weekend.  It brought back a lot of memories. Only there were a few major differences.  One it was cold.  I don't ever remember a cold rodeo.  100 degrees, I remember that and lots of dust.  Second, there were actually bathrooms with running water.  I remember outhoses without toilet paper.  Anyway, seeing the girls made for a fun day.
 Note to self, next time take the group photo at the beginning of the day when we are fresh as daisies.  Not at the end when we are sunburnt and grimy.
 Taylor running the barrels above and Sierra below.
 Haley running the junior junior barrels.  It was a wild ride.
 Haley in the goat un-tying.  She needs to take the ribbon off of the goat's tail and the goat is ready.

 Sierra is roping above and Taylor is below.

Dad giving some last minute advice.  The girls did good for their first rodeo of the year.  It was great watching them.  
 Finally, I am close to finishing one of my projects.  Someone in town had two big wheels for sale at a reasonable price.  I snatched them up immediately.  My garden fence is close to being finished.  These are preliminary ideas.  I'm very excited about putting this project to bed. Ha:)

It was a super busy weekend.  I don't think I was still for more than a few minutes.  Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised when my husband started up the fire pit and we relaxed for a bit Saturday night.  Nothing say summer like roasted marshmallows.

Have you ever rodeoed or been to one?  Have a great week.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Quick as a fox...

Summer is slipping by quick as a fox.  It is the middle of June already and my tulips are just now blooming.  My rhubarb is a bit stunted, but it made a very good rhubarb cake.  
We have plenty of dandelions this year.  I've already made two batches of dandelion wine.   I'm getting a lot faster at taking the petals off.  I was lucky if I could get 5 cups of petals in a day.  I'm now getting 8 cups in half a day.  I enjoy sitting on the porch watching the world go by while filling up my bowl full of petals.   Every now and again the the hummingbird swings through for a few sips from the feeder.   It slows this fast moving spring down a little.   My older sister was out and we enjoyed the concerts in Deadwood.  At least until we got rained out.   We really haven't had much warm weather yet.  I could really use a little sunshine.

What is the weather like in your corner of the world?   What is blooming in your garden?

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Spring has sprung...

We are done with snow.  Now it is just rain.  Lots of rain.  Everything is soused.  

 This poor turkey looks pretty disheveled.  It took awhile, but we did finally get some sunny days and the trees and grass turned a vivid green.  Still they could not compare to the colors of the Western Tanager.  This is one of my favorite birds.  He always looks so dapper.  

 I was able to get some gardening in last weekend.  My husband, as always, was quick with the camera.   I took a few photos myself.  The wagon he restored for me really stands out in the yard.  
 A day after putting up my feeders, I had a hummingbird.  I am surprised that it has stayed quite regular.  Generally they don't stay around until August.  I took the red food coloring out after it showed up.  
 I miss Out on the Prairie.  He could tell me what type of butterfly this is.   I enjoyed watching it sun itself on the blocks.  It was as happy as the rest of us for some sunshine.
 I think this may be the same hummingbird that stayed late into October a few years ago.  Although it isn't as chirpy, it is sitting in all the same places.   It seems to be taking a nap. 
Do you have any hummingbirds where you are?  How about turkeys or tanagers?  What birds do you look forward to seeing every year?

Sunday, June 2, 2019


It felt so good to garden this weekend.  It has been a long couple of weeks.  I just needed to put all my energy into something productive. I gardened until I could garden no more, then I watered.
 Ella seems to be admiring the lights.  I think those have been one of my best purchases ever.  They really add a feeling of calm to the cabin.

 My favorite display is always the primroses and daffodils.
 I decided to put all of my herbs on the deck.  This will be handier, but I may change my mind if it ever gets hot.

That is the sum of my weekend.  All I have left is to plant my corn and beans.  I should have done it this weekend, but I completely ran out of steam.  I hope you all had a grand weekend.  Were you able to get outside?  If so what did you do?