Sunday, October 23, 2011

The cranes are on the move and so am I...

It is my favorite time of the year. The computer frustrates me, because I can only share the sights, not the smells or sounds that make life worth while.  The calls of the cranes tell me that fall is coming to a close here in South Dakota.  The leaves are at their peak and there is a nip in the air.  Still, I only feel joy when I hear their faint calls and watch as they quickly get close and move on.  I will never understand how they can go so fast even though they are flying in circles.   

I'm afraid I was AWOL for a bit. First, my husband came back from his hunting trip in Alberta with a moose.  I am here to tell you that a moose provides a lot of meat. I know that, because I am the butcher. It took me 4 days to get him all put away. Part of the problem is my husband took the freezer and a generator, so the meat was frozen solid by the end of their two day trip back. It takes a while for something that big to thaw. I did a lot of roasts using the wonderful food saver my mom got me. Then I tried canning for the first time.  I canned 21 jars of stew meat. YUM.  Best of all I did not blow up the pressure cooker.  My little sister will understand why I am so relieved about that.  While all of that was going on, I also picked buffalo berries for jelly and wine. I apologize for not having any photos of that project. I forgot the camera. 

I wasn't just in the kitchen while I was AWOL.  I made a quick trip back home and then went with my parents to St. Paul, MN.  I didn't take a lot of photos on our road trip.  After our business in St. Paul, my parents and I visited my brother and then my sister and her family. Then on the way home I saw my Grandma.  It was good to see everyone.  I also enjoyed returning to the ranch in the fall.  Words cannot describe the the smell of the prairie in the fall.  It brings a sense of peace. 


These are the farm pets; the dog is Wiley, and I don't think the cat has a name.  I also got to meet my parent's newest addition on the ranch, Santee.  She is a beautiful 3 year old POA.  They are currently breaking her and wanted someone to do the stunt work.  Namely, get on and off her for the first time.  I miss breaking horses, so I was happy to oblige.  She is extremely calm and the session was uneventful.   I told Mom and Dad it takes a hundred photos to get the perfect one and the one with Mom and Santee is the perfect one. 
Well, I'm sure you are as tired as I am now.  I hope you enjoyed the adventures.  Hopefully, I will be home and settled for a while.  It was great seeing everyone and spending time with family, but it is also good to be home.


  1. I love all of your photos but especially the cranes and the tree with the sun blazing through it.

    You have been one busy girl! I'm glad you were able to enjoy some time with your family.

  2. There's no place like home! But it's fun seeing adventures along the way...and I agree...wouldn't it be neat if we could share smells and sounds along with our pictures?!

  3. The cranes must have been awesome! I recall one New Years day being woke up by Sandhill Cranes calling overhead at daybreak while camping in the swamp in Ga. Sounds like a lot of work carving up a moose!!

  4. I love the cranes and can almost hear them. I once experienced a flock of swans flying over head when we lived in Connecticut and the sound was unbelievable. Amazing birds to behold and I bet your experience was just as great.
    I've never heard of buffalo berries, but I bet your jam is scrumptious. Happy nesting for the Winter to come. XOXO

  5. I'm surprised you were able to get a picture of a cow eating over the fence. I thought dad sold cattle that did that!! Either that or has them trained to turn and run like the wind if caught. You have entered into a whole new pressure cooking I mean canning world I see. You will never turn back. Good picture of the the pets the cat does not need a name if your the only one you can have the title The Cat.

  6. Wow what a great post so many good times. Your family thing is probably the best part Mom and Dad wonderful.
    I blew up a pressure cooker in Home economics once yes I did fail the class (surprise) I am not very good with taking orders :). I am still afraid of the darn things.
    It sounds like you will be set int the meat dept. for a while. I love moose meat my Dad used to bring one home and yes it was a lot of meat but for a huge family it was wonderful. I can still remember making moose balls I loved that.
    Take care and get some rest the winter is coming and you can slow down. B

  7. You have been very busy, carving up a moose, breaking horses, canning, preserving, wow. I'm tired just reading about your adventures.

    I love pressure cookers, use one on a weekly basis just to make meals with, but I agree they can be scary sometimes. Only had the weight blow off the top once and hope Never Again, lol. Such a mess.

    Fantastic pictures of the cranes and the landscape and family. Just great!

  8. It's always nice to return home, be it our present home or our childhood home. Love the photos as usual. Gorgeous.


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