Monday, January 30, 2012

Start your snowshoes...

Jenni at Rainy Day Gardener asked about some snow photos, so I took the camera and the dog and went snowshoeing on Sunday. Sorry no breathtaking scenery photos, just Ella and snow. Enjoy the walk.
The snow is deep.

The cabin looks so cozy as we leave.

Our orchard is tucked under a blanket of snow.  Just the tops of my little berry bushes showing.

As I said, these aren't beautiful panoriamic photos.  Just the woods aound our cabin.

Ella wants me to hurry up.  She has all this trail to break and I'm slowing her down.

Suddenly, Ella lost focus on our walk.  She had found a pinecone.  As you can tell from this photo, she LOVES her pinecones.
Time to head back.  I love tracks in the snow.
Home again, home again, jiggety jog.

Take off the snowshoes and let them drip dry.  Time for a cup of coffee on the porch.  Hope you enjoyed the walk.   

Now that is heaven.


  1. I used to love walking in the fresh fallen snow. It's one thing I miss about living North.

  2. Photos are wonderful. Just like Miggy and minus the snow shoes lol she loves to play in the snow and I have always got my camera ready to photograph her ! Your cabin is breathtaking ! Have a wonderful day !

  3. Loved seeing the snowy pictures there! That is a lot of snow. I can tell Ella love playing in the snow, she's a cutie.

  4. I love your photos and I find the snow and trees beautiful! Ella just makes me smile. Looks like she loves the snow as much as pinecones. :)

  5. I enjoyed your walk from my warm house! :) Those are indeed beautiful shots...someday I'd love to try snowshoeing!

  6. You live in a beautiful area. A warm drink on the porch sounds great, but maybe a bit cold for me, by the fire would be perfect. Take care.

  7. This looks like fun taking Ella out in the snow, the photos show her fun attitude a good bit. Wish we actually had winter this year it is freaky without question here in NC.

  8. What beautiful scenery you have around your home! I've never walked in snow shoes before...but my hubby has. Wish I could come and have a cup of coffee with ya on your porch. I don't mind drinking coffee outside in the winter...for a few minutes anyways. Just this past weekend it was very sunny, no snow and I drank my coffee out on a camp chair in the back yard facing the sun..trying to get some vitamin D. I've been taking every chance I get this winter to do that. :)

  9. Oh, what a GORGEOUS home and yard you have! I love Ella too, what a cute little beard she has! Great wildlife and nature photos on your sidebar. There is a lot to love about your blog. Just beautiful. Count me as your newest follower!
    Hugs, Beth
    p.s. Still not much snow here...65 degrees today. Crazy, but we'll take it.

  10. Making those first prints in a snow is a favorite with me.

  11. The only way to walk in the snow to enjoy it! Love the scenery--so quiet and undisturbed. XOXO

  12. Jeg kom bare lige forbi.
    Rigtig smukke vinterbilleder.
    Sød hund.
    Tak for turen.

  13. That is just lovely. Your front porch look wonderful in that light. The snow is so deep but it is so pretty.
    This morning when I went out, I could see some pear trees across the road that are already showing signs of a green tint. I think our winter must be over. It is nice to see yours.

  14. Look at that snow!! Ella has the right notion, move on Mom..make tracks! Thanks for sharing your photo's, the cabin looks especially cozy! Hugs, Jenni

  15. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Our blog names are so similar!

    Can't believe the amount of snow you have. I thought it was a warm winter for most of the nation. I guess some parts did get winter though from your photos.

    I'm an irregular poster these days but as the garden wakes up I may find my inspiration again. I hope you'll check back sometime. I think I'll book mark ours.

  16. Oh I really enjoyed the walk I am a bit jealous we have ice not snow and it is not near as fun as it sounds. I fall down a lot:)
    Beautiful photos thanks for the cup of tea by your fire.:) B


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