Monday, December 31, 2012

A review of 2012 and goals for 2013...

Well, 2012 came and went.  As I have said before I don't make resolutions.  I'm more of a goal setter.  I like to see how I did achieving last years goals then set new ones for the upcoming year.   I hope you enjoy my overview.

My many goals for 2012:

-To have our cabin filled with the laughter of family and friends. We didn't have as much company as last year, but we did host a rollicking game of kickball and some sad sledding.

-Fence my orchard, so the deer stay out.  The ultimate goal is that my berries will flourish and so will the wine and jam.  We have the orchard 2/3 fenced and I had no deer damage this year.  Just 12 more post holes to go. I can't say I did too bad in the jam and wine making portion of life.  I still sulk at the thought of digging post holes.
-Small adjustments to the greenhouse, with salsa at the final result.  It was a great year for the greenhouse.  I did get sidetracked making some very bad tomato sauce, but still managed to make some jars of salsa and added awesome canned vegetables to my repertoire.
-To be able to run 10 miles, in one shot, by 2013.  I'm up to six miles in one shot.  I figure that is ok, because later on (when I got the ice cream maker from my parents for Christmas) I added a goal of gaining 10 pounds.  I gained 6 pounds and can run 6 miles, so if figured I broke even on this one.  To some people that would be a lose/lose, but I'm being optimistic.

-Celebrate my 40th with gusto and appreciate what I have done and have yet to do. I enjoyed my birthday thoroughly.  Age is awesome.  My husband and I also celebrated 18 years of marriage.  I have a good life and look forward to what the future has to offer.
-Teach Ella to roll over.  We didn't achieve this one, but we did take her on her first pheasant hunt, which included taking my nieces on their first pheasant hunt. Ten times better than teaching the dog to roll over. 
-Go snowmobiling with my husband (bravery will be needed for this one). Darn, no snow.  I'm heartbroken to not have met this goal;)
 -Build a peony bed with Kelly.  The bed is built and I got one peony in.  (Mom I need some peonies.)

-Fill our little pond with fish.  Our pond didn't fill up this year due to the drought, so no fish.

-Make a quilt.  I'm making great progress, but figured out that a quilt every two years is a more reachable goal.

-Finish my rose garden. It is exactly how I want it. (Now if I just don't lose any roses over the winter)

-Keep in touch with my blogging friends and continue to keep my little world a place where people want to come and sit on the porch and share in my adventures.  I'm still here and still getting feedback so I'm happy with this one.

 My goals for 2013

-Visit Christina in Denmark for 2 weeks. and see Hamlet in the actual castle, Elsinore.   I am so excited about seeing my friend and touring her country.

-Finish my quilt and start another for my parents.  Since Mom taught me to quilt, perhaps I should make one for her.

-Plant a Christmas tree, with the goal of posting it on December first 2013 loaded with lights.

-Read 10 books.  (Ten is such a nice round number for such things as jogging, weight, and # of books read.) 

-Get a successful harvest from the expanded vegetable beds.
-Focus on salsa and canned vegetables and try making eggplant soup.  (Any recipes sent my way would be appreciated).
-Finish fencing the orchard (I'm going to keep this one up until it is done.  I don't think Dad will hire me fence his cows in.)

 -Run the half marathon on the Mickelson trail in June, then I'm done running.  (I really hate running, but I keep my promises, so 13 miles it is.) 

-Landscape below the fire pit.  I'm leaning towards an alpine rock garden (If I can get my husband to move the rocks with his tractor)

-Continue to enjoy my life.  I have an incredible husband, wonderful family, and great friends.

I say it over and over, but I am a lucky woman.  I have a wonderful life and it is because of everyone I share it with.  Here is wishing you all a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2013.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my blogging habit.



  1. Evening Bonnie, Wishing you and yours a Happy N ew Year and may all your wishes come true, Blessings Francine.

  2. What a full life you lead....I would love to know how you teach your pup to roll over.what kind of books do you like? I admire your running...but I have weak insides(and about ten years) on you...I'm shooting for ten pounds instead. I hope your New year is filled with tons of happiness.

  3. Happy New Year I love the thought of sitting on your porch and listening to your dreams. The year has been good to both of us and 2013 is going to be even better. Hug B

  4. Happy New Year to you and your family ! On wards and up wards I say ! I love snowmobiling I used to do it all the time when I was younger not so much now that I am in my late 40s and have no snowmobiles now . Oh well I still have fun in the snow with my Miggs and my photography in the winter !

  5. I'm with you on the resolution thing! They are made to be broken. Goals are far better!!!:) looks like you had a bery successful year!:)

  6. I love your idea of goals, not resolutions. My goals are really short term--something I can't get past since Kelly passed away, but I'm working on it--Goal #1!

    Happy New Year and I'll be cheering you on in June to finish that half-Marathon, XOXO

  7. Happy New Year Bonnie Dear! I am wishing you a year ahead full of those lovely goals you've set for yourself! Hugs! Jenni

  8. Votos de Feliz Ano Novo com muita luz de Esperança por um mundo melhor....

  9. Happy New Year Bonnie! I like this idea of reviewing your goals...kudos to you on the running! I tried it and was a complete failure. I really need to try it again...maybe not a half marathon, but a 5K would make me happy! :) I hope you enjoy your trip to Denmark. We need to see lots and lots of pictures of that one!

  10. Happy New Year Bonnie! I hope you achieve your goals! I think you did a great job on last year's, even if you didn't finish your fence. You're only 40, but I love that you are embracing getting older. I've got quite a few years on you, and that has been a difficult thing for me to do.

  11. i love seeing your past and what you hope for the future! and i love coming to visit at your blog. thank you for all of your kind words. and i cant wait to see what you wonderful things come your way in 2013

  12. you are set for a lovely year, i enjoy hearing from you

  13. Fantastic words and so well spoken! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  14. Running you can beat me hands down but I can read 10 books on a fortnight's holiday!

    Happy New Year

  15. Happy New Year to Both of You!!! Love your blogs and we will plan some time this summer to sit on your porch for a glass of iced tea.

  16. Hi Bonnie, This is a good synopsis of your 2012, and you have realistic goals for 2013. I look forward to continuing to read your blog and look at your photos in the years to come. May 2013 bring you love, joy, peace, faith, hope, and good health!
    Blessings, Beth

  17. Your life is rich, you have many blessings. I love your greenhouse!


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