Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pinterest posts...

 It is still snowing. I'm not going to dwell on it.  Gardening is at a halt, despite the fact my seedlings are getting bigger by the day.  The greenhouse and the Japanese Maple are holding tough, so even though there is three feet of snow about I am still watering plants. 

What am I doing to occupy my time, since my quilt is done?  Well, I will admit it.  I have become a Pinterest junkie.  I can't stop looking up ideas.  I have tried several.    Some I will share here.  Since lemonade on the porch is my summer routine, I decided to try the Anne of Green Gables Lemonade.  I have to say it is quite enjoyable and a much better substitute for my aspartame loaded Crystal Light.

Anne of Green Gables Lemonade.  1 1/2 cup of water boiled for 5 minutes with 1 1/2 cup of sugar.  Let cool then add 1 1/2 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice.  My husband enjoyed juicing the lemons.  Add some lemon zest.  After it is cooled use 1/4 cup of this concentrate and fill the glass with ice cubes and water.  I found it wonderful, not too tart and not too sweet.  You can also add two tablespoons of pureed strawberries.  I always like to add raspberries to my lemonade. 

Another endeavor was homemade taco seasoning, since it seems I am always out when I need some.  I haven't used it yet.  Maybe for dinner today.  You can find the recipe here:
That is pretty much what I have been up to.  I am still spring cleaning.  I cleaned my closet and the basement storage room.  I also made a few other things from Pinterest lemon body scrub, grilled pizza sandwiches (thanks Becky that one is a sure winner), and am gathering ideas for a retirement party I am hosting next Friday.   I have to say Pinterest has kept me sane during this last two weeks of snow.  I hope everyone else is able to keep busy outside.
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  1. I'm glad you're enjoying Pinterest given you can't garden in all that snow. I do feel your pain, I remember what it was like to live with what seemed like a never-ending winter. I've found some good ideas on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing the lemonade recipe.

  2. Wow you are busy and my oh my that is a lot of snow. I have NEVER checked out Pinterest I must be missing something but I think I shall stay away for now as we have no snow and the grass is starting to green up and now I can see all the work to be done. I must admit I am very tempted now that you have told me all the secrets it holds. Maybe it will rain this week and I shall have a look. I am going to try that lemonade it would be wonderful on your porch and someday maybe I will be sharing a glass there with you. Here's hoping:) B

  3. Three feet of snow...oh my. I'm sorry!
    I've just joined Pinterest recently, and there sure are tons of ideas on there! I think I'll have to try both of those recipes. I'm always out of taco seasoning too!

  4. I'm a Pinterest junkie too, and love to just look at everything and get ideas to 'bake and make!' I've found some really good recipes on there, and have tried several myself--It's a great way to pass time!

    I hope spring finds you soon!! Take care!!

  5. We don't have snow like that, but it seems to snow an inch or two every day here. I'm just thankful for the moisture. It'll melt soon and think of how green it will be!!!

    I love Pinterest too. It's like reading a good magazine every single day.

  6. Oh WOW ! Still so much snow there ! Glad you are able to keep busy and oh my the recipes look and sound wonderful ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  7. So nice and the lemon aid sounds wonderful.
    Yep, now that we have spring I don't have time to browse as much as I like. It is nice to have lots of new ideas.

  8. I think I will love that lemon-aide recipe. Plus, anything labeled 'Anne of Green Gables' is cool in my book ;) Glad Pinterest has been keeping you sane. It's a fun place to spend time. Cheers, Jenni

  9. The lemonade recipe sounds wonderful! I am a fellow Pinterest junkie! :)

    Hope spring comes soon,



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