Sunday, June 9, 2013

Something old is new again in the garden...

I had an old clay drain pipe that I have been dying to reuse and finally it came to me.  A butterfly feeder.  I've always wanted to try one. 

Problem is I was afraid using fruit to draw in the butterflies would also attract bees.  I needed to find a spot where I could see what was going on, but where it wouldn't be close to daily coming and goings. 

Then I had an epiphany.  I put the clay pipe in the middle of my strawberry bed, covered the strawberry bed with netting, and filled a bowl with fruit and put it in the pipe.  The bowl will hold the netting in place.  The netting keeps the strawberry bed from becoming a deer buffet line.  Everything is out of way.

I'm pretty happy with the results.  Now I will see if it actually draws butterflies.  Please only look at my creation and not the sad state of my strawberry bed.  Note to self: get more strawberry plants next year.

On another note.  My loving husband put up our windmill.  I have some Scarlet Runner Beans planted below.  Now I can take photos of the cabin an not have to crop that ugly well in the middle of our yard. 


The view from the porch is even better.  It was very soothing to watch it in the wind today.  I hope everyone had as productive weekend as I did. 




  1. Cool idea for a butterfly sipper. I hope you get some good photos there. I also like your windmill. I didn't even notice the well until you mentioned it. We are John Deere fans so I especially like the JD green windmill.

  2. Love the repurposed pipe! So glad you found a use for it.

  3. Love the butterfly idea, hope it works out ok.....Francine.

  4. I like that idea and it looks fantastic. I think your yard looks so pretty. It is so green and Of course I have windmill envy. :)

  5. What a great idea and I love the windmill. B

  6. Fabulous idea. I love that windmill.

  7. You have such a beautiful home and lovely property!!

    The windmill looks great as does the butterfly feeder and what a great idea. you should share it on pinterest!!

    I hope you attract lots of pretty butterflies. Keep us posted and hopefully you can share some great close ups with us here!!

  8. The one thing I know for sure...strawberry plants multiply very quickly with all the new runners, so that bed will look amazing before you know it! Love the idea of using an old drain pipe as a butterfly attractor, XOXO

  9. Look forward to seeing some lovely butterfly photos.


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