Saturday, October 19, 2013

I am still here and so is the snow...

I haven't posted for a while, because there isn't much to say.  We've had two more storms after our 55 inches, another 18 inches, and a nice 3 inch topping.  I haven't been in the greenhouse.  There isn't much I could do if I got in.  I've just decided to settled into winter mode.  Lots of baking and sipping apple cider.   Maybe I'll put up the Christmas lights this weekend while it is warm.  Anyway.  Thought I'd share a few photos. 

 My husband got a kick out of this suet feeder.  I have to say it is pretty cute.  The birds seem to like it.
The robins appreciated the crabapples I left.  They weren't the only ones.  The woodpeckers, juncos, chipmunks, and turkeys all harvested the leftovers.

I promised that I would share the sunflower seed heads. 
It isn't the best photo, but he was far away.  I just thought he looked so cute with his little crabapple.

 We enjoyed watching the birds and little animals munch on the seed heads.
I have yet to dig into the greenhouse.  I'm very impressed with its strength.  I had to pop two panels back in, but that was all the damage is sustained. 
 I don't mean to be depressing.  My sister keeps asking if we still have snow.  I'd say yes we still have a bit of snow left.

It has been warm enough to sit on the porch with coffee and a blanket.  Believe it or not quite a bit has melted.  The ground still hasn't frozen, so it is melting from above and below.    That is about all I have for the week.  Besides shoveling, things have been pretty quiet.  I hope everyone is enjoying fall.  Maybe we will get one next year.


  1. Bonnie? What the heck? I mean a few inches and they go away again...but this much?

    Is it going to stay, where do you live, Alaska? Do they even have snow yet?


  2. Oh so sad that the snow is still there. I just figured it was a fluke and it would melt fast and you could have a real fall. I cannot believe all of the snow that you have got. Well you are a trooper to go into winter mode. It all does look very beautiful. I love that shot of your porch with the snow and the pumpkins and the corn stalks.

  3. I bet with that early snow the animals are really appreciating you sharing food with them. Glad you didn't get much damage to your greenhouse.

  4. Next you will be living next to me! ;)

  5. Wow you are definitely in winter mode. I went out without a jacket today, and just turned on my furnace yesterday.

  6. Oh my! You have definitely crossed into the winter mode! I can't believe all that snow, is this early for you? I am just flabbergasted!

  7. Whew ~ I am sure the last thing you want to hear is ~ I love the snow in the header ( sorry).
    And here I am blabbing about Indian Summer and long lasting blooms in new England.
    That is an impressively tough greenhouse !!
    Sending warm wishes and glad you still enjoy coffee on the porch .

  8. Cheese Louise and pass the gravy!!!! I'm not going to complain anymore about the snow!!! You really got dumped on!

  9. It must be strange to sit in the sun overlooking snow banks

  10. I had to laugh at "while it is warm". Looks cold to me. Hope you have a peaceful fall.

  11. I'm hoping we don't see that white stuff here in North Carolina...I'm not a fan! You, my friend, are a true pioneer woman, XOXO

  12. omgosh, sooooo much snow, i had no idea!! i like the beach pictures better ;)

    you shared some great images of our feathered friends!!

  13. Wow, where are you that you've gotten that much snow already??? I love watching my feeders too....

  14. Bonnie,
    I like the squirl and sunflower head picture.

    Most of our snow has melted. We have a few small drifts left. The ground is so wet. The rancher and I did some fencing on Thursday and he could push most of the posts in by foot. After yesterday's wind things are starting to dry out.

    We could use some fall like weather to get a few big projects done before the next snow or storm hits.

  15. Wow, you've sure gotten a lot of snow. I really like how the picture with the corn stalks, pumpkins and snow shows the unusual juxtaposition of two seasons.

  16. I am jealous of the snow! I cant wait for us to get it up here in Maine. Great blog post and wonderful photos.


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