Sunday, June 22, 2014

Did you ever notice...

Did you ever notice it only rains on weekends?  My third tier of the vegetable garden is just waiting to be put together.  One of these days this will be another vegetable bed.

These wheels will be incorporated into the garden fence.  The big one is from my Dad, the little one from a friend, and the double wheel is from an auction. Someday they will look like this.  Notice the big one is a gate that can be rolled open.

 My hives are back up and running.  The poor bees haven't been out much with all of the rain.
 A photo of the swing when it isn't covered in snow.  Below is the outdoor vegetable bed in full swing.  My garlic, chives, beets, onions, mint, spinach, and lettuce are all doing great.  The carrots didn't seem to germinate.
 The toolbox smells great! It was a wonderful addition to the porch.

 I'm trying to get succulents started in these, but the darn chipmunks think it is their personal sandbox.
 A wet male crossbill and a wet female black headed grosbeak.

Another day on the porch waiting for the sun to come out.


  1. Bonnie, yes, I've noticed that many weekends it rains. I'll guiltily report that we had a lovely weekend here. Rain expected mid-week. Lovely to see you photos of your lovely property and gardens. Those wheels make a great fence! Nice that you have one of your Dad's. xx

  2. Love that toolbox! It looks great! You do such creative things with your gardens.

  3. The rolling wheel gate is such a clever idea. Hope it dries out for you soon!

  4. I've never seen any of your birds before. Real nice.I have done around 35 new succulents this year.

  5. Bonnie,
    Your yard and gardens are looking good. We have been getting rain right along, mostly during the week. We had a good dose of much needed sunshine over the weekend.

    You will be eating out of your garden before you know it!

    There is a "bee guy" from North Dakota that puts bees on our land. He brought bees last week. The clover up here is unbelievable. We went to Motorcycle City last weekend and along Hwy 212 is't is a sea of yellow with all the clover.

  6. I love that every thing is so green. We are in different stages of brown. I also love those wheels. That is going to be wonderful when it gets up.
    I am so glad that you do have sunshine. It is also nice to see that swing not buried under snow.Your gardens are really pretty. I do love that tool box.


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