Monday, July 14, 2014

Birds, birds, birds...

I know "to everything there is a season," but could summer last forever?  Last night I just sat on the porch and enjoyed every second of the day.  The peonies were heavy with scent.  The rose and red garden in are in full bloom.  The sounds of the blue jays, crossbills, nuthatches, grossbeaks, and chickadees fill the air.  I glimpsed a hummingbird just once at the feeder.  I wish time would just stand still.  
 This hen kept her little ones close by.
 The Scarlet Tanager stops by once in a while for a few bites of suet.
 A picture of  a very wet black headed grossbeak.
 This crossbill is one of the group of 50 that have been homesteading at my feeders.
My husband got these photos of the hen and her chicks.  The little guys are adorable. 

I enjoy observing the birds.  It soothes me after a long week.   I especially like watching the baby chicks learn the ways of the world.  Life is grand.


  1. You know what? Life IS grand, and it's so wonderful when we take the time to remember that. What a beautiful post. What a lovely variety of birds you have!

  2. I love those pictures of the hen and her fun to watch them together! Enjoy your summer!

  3. It is so beautiful!! I would enjoy every bit of it. What lovely birds you feed.
    I do think you have your own bit of paradise.

  4. How fun to have birds to watch and capture baby turkey pictures.

    It feels like fall at our house. Monday it was 68* and this morning at 6:00 48*. I talked to a gal in town and she heard a low of 36* last night. It's 71* this afternoon.

    It's coming to an end as the weatherman says next week it's gonna be HOT.

    Hope you are enjoying the cool weather in the Hills.

  5. I know what you mean about a summer that lasts forever. I don't like the thought of winter at all (at least at the moment). Your birds are incredible. I rarely get to see the birds you have regularly. Enjoy that good, summer porch sitting!

  6. How wonderful. We have a hummingbird at our feeder too.


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