Sunday, October 12, 2014

It is all relative...

I was lucky enough to grow up on the South Dakota prairie next to the Mighty Missouri.  That taught me to appreciate so many things.  The golden ocean that is created by the prairie grasses.   The majesty of the cottonwood tree and the hardiness of the solid oak.  The thunder of the pheasant and it's crackling crow.  Unfortunately there are some downsides to the prairie.  There is the incessant wind, hot muggy summers, and many mosquitoes.   Growing up I didn't respect the beauty and couldn't wait to move to the mountains.   

Now I live in the mountains and, lo and behold with the good there is still the bad.  I love the cool mosquito-less summers.  The clattering golden leaves of the aspen vibrant against the dark green of the pine.  The gobble of the turkey and the bugle of the elk that punctuates the morning sunrise and the evening sunsets.    The hills also have a downside.  Months of deep snow, drawn out freeze thaw springs, and little no-see-um bugs that make my head swell like a pumpkin.  

I always say I love to get older.  I try very hard to learn the lessons life provides.  Probably the most important lesson I have learned is that everything is relative.  For every good there is a bad.  It is best to enjoy the beauty of both worlds.  I enjoyed that this weekend as my husband and I went for an evening walk in the hills and a morning walk out on the prairie.  I hope these photos prove my point.

 I see the moon and the moon sees me.
 Green and gold.

A beautiful evening.

 A beautiful morning.

 Playing hide and seek with the moon and the cottonwood tree.
 Bear Butte in the distance.

The golden grasses.

So which is your favorite?  I have decided to just enjoy the best of both worlds.


  1. Bonnie,

    Lovely thoughts about plains vs. hills. I think I will stay in the wide open spaces.

    Your "Playing hide and seek with the moon and the cottonwood tree" and Bear Butte shots are my favorite.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  2. Very nice all around. I would like to give up those skeeters sometimes.

  3. You live in a gorgeous part of the country! I like them all...but I gravitate to the hills!

  4. Oh, how I miss the mountains. And oh, how I miss the sound of the wind through the aspen and how their leaves turn from gray-green to gold right before your eyes. Thanks for the photo reminders.

  5. Beautiful photos ~ I especially like the one of the moon and the cottonwood tree. I love the mountains, but being a 4th generation Floridian . . . can't take the cold.

  6. Just a wonderful place to live. I suppose every where is like that. Living here in October, I remember why I do live here. I think it is nice to appreciate the good with the hard. Like your snow.
    Here it is the heat. I get so weary of it. I think every place has its own beauty it is just having eyes to see it. I think that is what is nice about being happy with wherever we are. I like your conclusions.
    I like your saying on your side bar, " If you don't like where you are, move You are not a tree." That is so profound.

  7. Ahh, the hills have it for me I think! Really gorgeous pictures!

  8. The pictures are all wonderful. I think that my favorite it the one of the dog on the path.


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