Sunday, March 15, 2015

Is it summer yet?

I put the finishing touches on the picnic table last week.  Some green stain, clear stain, and a few bear paw prints across the top.

When my husband and I make something, we make it to last.  The table weighed a ton.  We did manage to get it to the porch.  I had to move several other things, but there it is.  We grilled steaks for its inauguration.  It was a bit cool, but we enjoyed our outdoor meal immensely.   It will be a wonderful summer indeed.

Projects are so much fun.  Today it was 60 degrees and we sat and visited with our neighbor at the new table.  Life is good.


  1. ooooo, it turned out great!!! and the bear prints, what a clever idea, it's a "one of a kind"!!!!

  2. Like the paw prints, made me think of Yogi Bear stealing picnic baskets. It is warming, starting some tomatoes in a few days, have peppers up.

  3. That looks very nice there. Years ago we built a picnic table that was a hexagon. It lasted a long time but alas not forever. We paid someone to haul it away eventually after it sat off the patio and under the trees as a play area for awhile. Looks like yours is well protected from the elements there.

  4. Great looking picnic table... love the added touch of the bear paw prints across the top :o)


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