Sunday, May 24, 2015

Birds, bees, berries, blooms, and BEARS!

My husband and I went on a great adventure last week.  We went to Saskatchewan on a bear hunt and fishing trip.  Wow was it ever a fun. I am reminded of something I saw that said, "When was the last time you did something for the first time?"   It was a whole trip of firsts... 
The first time I was lulled to sleep by the loons.

 The first time I had ever fished for Northern Pike.  
We caught many and now I am the one hooked:)
 The first time I have been to Canada.  It is beautiful country with wonderful people.
                    The first time I watched beavers at work, while I peacefully fished.
 The first time I've been on a lake that was so big you needed a map to get around.

The first time I have been lost on a lake, despite the map. 
The first time I have seen a spruce grouse.

The first time I watched a bear in the woods.

The first time I have hunted a bear and I was successful.

It was a phenomenal trip of firsts and I was lucky enough to experience them with my best friend.


  1. Sounds like a perfect vacation. I would like to pound those Northerns.

  2. So glad you had a wonderful trip filled with firsts! (Canada is a lovely country, thanks for visiting!!) That's really neat that you were able to get photographs of all that wildlife!

  3. There was a bear in my daughter's township in New Jersey...25 minutes from New York City! Mother Nature is really turned upside down lately with the weather confusing even the animals! Love your photos, XOXO

  4. Sounds like some fun firsts.

  5. Sounds like you had a fun time!

  6. You certainly experienced the beauty that is Canada!! You have some lovely image memories, the lake was extraordinarily pretty at sunset!!

  7. Wow what an amazing post!!! I have always wanted to be lulled to sleep by the loons. What a beautiful lake. It looks almost like you are the only one there.
    I would love to catch Northern Pike too.
    Good job on the bear hunting too.

  8. Love the photos. What did you do with the bear you shot?

  9. What an amazing trip. Did you actually shoot the bear?

  10. Oh, what great pictures! We had a couple of bears pass through the backyard early in May, well a mama and two yearlings. Aren't they deserving of our respect? Our government took away the spring bear hunt a few years ago, and we really had a problem with the management of them. They are allowing the hunt again now though. Hopefully that will keep the number at a level better for them and us.

  11. What a fabulous list of firsts! I'm so glad you shared them with us too. Was it scarey hunting a bear?

  12. Congrats on your bear hunt.


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