Monday, November 2, 2015


 I've had lots of questions about what sweetgrass looks like.  Here is a photo of it in the garden.  You cannot mistaken the smell.   Below is a photo of my new nemesis the slug.  There always have been slugs in my gardens, but not to this extent.  They devour tomatoes overnight and eat plants in a single bound.  All of the rain we had this year was good for some things.  Unfortunately, those darn slugs was one of those things.  I didn't realize how bad the problem was until we built the new flower bed.  Then I took notice.  I've gone through my flower and vegetable beds every weekend.  After I find them and root them out, I treat them to a wonderful salt water bath.  Yuck!

 It hasn't all been drudgery.  I have spent quite a bit of time hunting.  Sometimes with a camera and sometimes with a beautiful Browning 300 Winchester Short Mag.  I was more successful with the gun than I was the camera.  I took a very nice 5 x 5 Black Hills buck Sunday morning.  He was butchered and in the freezer by supper.  Here are a few photos from the prairie.  One of a beautiful doe in the sunset and the other of a prairie lion (aka barn cat).
Somewhere in the middle of all this I celebrated 21 years of marriage and 43 years of living a good life.  I am thankful everyday for what I have experienced, who I have met, and what is in my future.  I say it often, "I am a lucky woman!"  

What are you thankful for?


  1. I had a few slugs, they are obnoxious.Saw some nice bucks Sunday, one was a 8 point.Congrats on your anniversary and birthday.i'm thankful for my family and being able to enjoy life.

  2. Happy anniversary and happy birthday! Come hunt deer on my property and you can have all the meat! They sure do need culling around these parts when their only predator is a car.

    And every year its something new to deal with in the garden. I started the spring with voles devouring my peas and one hosta. I still have them but they get hunted by the owls and fox. Slugs were not a problem.

  3. Like the prairie lion :) and dislike the slugs! I think they're the slimiest, yuckiest things, and have "enjoyed" feeding them to the chickens when I find them! Does that make me mean?

  4. Urg! Slugs drive me crazy. That's part of the reason I want my chickens again - they too are great hunters:) Congrats on getting your buck. I didn't draw a buck tag this year but next week I'll be elk hunting. We'll see how I do. Oh, and if you need a good venison recipe, one of our favs. is Mediterranean Venison Stir-fry (May 2014 post on my blog.) Wouldn't usually put that in a comment, but it's good stuff:)
    Happy Anniversary & Happy Birthday too~

  5. How wonderful!! It sounds like you had a very happy Anniversary! My son has hunted and hunted for deer this year. No luck. I am not a fan of slugs either. With this dry year, we didn't have too much of a problem.
    They are a terrible pest.
    Thankfully the chicken keep my backyard pretty clean. I hope you have a wonderful week. Me, I am so thankful for the Rain!!!

  6. Congratulations on your deer! That's exciting! I have my eye on a particular buck but he's staying in the trees during daylight.

    My ducks take care of the slugs. The almost form a line and scour the lawn and fields. It's kind of impressive to see 19 of them working together. We have few slugs, snails and ticks these days.

  7. Slugs! Ugh! I hate them, too, though my chickens adore them, which is a good thing. The Girls have been patrolling the garden again this fall, so the problem is greatly reduced. And deer abound here, too. Unfortunately, the chickens can't take care of that problem. :-)

  8. We had tons of slugs when we lived in the Pacific Northwest--can't say I miss them! Happy Birthday (belated I imagine) and I'm so glad we're friends, XOXO


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