Sunday, January 24, 2016

A little of this and a dab of that...

 Well, I have been doing a little of this and a dab of that.  I finally made it to town (I hate leaving the cabin) and found supplies to turn my bear claws into jewelry.  I have never made jewelry before, but thankfully there are many tutorials on the internet.
I am very pleased with the finished product.  It is a feeling of accomplishment to create things from my harvest.  Most of the bear has now been used for something.  I have a cape on the back of my chair.  The front is at the taxidermist.  The meat is in roasts, summer sausage, and jerky. The lard, unfortunately, I'm almost out of my bear lard.  It makes the best pie crusts and bread.  Ella got some bones and the skulls are being prepared for European mounts.  

I haven't been completely stuck inside.  The weather has warmed up some and Ella and I got to spend some time on the porch.  Both of us enjoyed a morning on the porch immensely.  

 On the garden front, I need to find some potting soil and pots.  When I used the worm compost in my houseplants, there seems to have been a few stowaway tomato seeds. They showed up in the Rosemary and are really starting to get big.  I guess I had better repot them and see what happens.  It is going to be difficult keeping them in check until May.  

I am still dancing with my quilt.  I thought I was finished with the border, then realized I was two inches short. Backwards I go again.  I did get the rest of the supplies and once I get the border on, will be ready for basting and quilting.  I am determined to keep at it.  With it's numerous issues (or should I say, my numerous issues),  I would like to set it aside and walk away for awhile, but I will do a little every weekend.   

That is it on the cabin front.  Just trying to keep busy until spring.  Not an easy tasks as winters are long up here.  What projects are you working on?  Anyone ever have tomatoes started in December?  


  1. i start my tomatoes around St. Pats. I have a few neighbors who do the hot house ones.

  2. It sounds like you're keeping busy during your long winter. I just couldn't do it! We've been snowed in this weekend with the blizzard, and I'm about going stir crazy! You really are using every part of your harvest...good for you! The jewelry turned out nice!

  3. This aspect of bear hunting and making use of almost all the parts is really new to me. I thought this was during the wild frontier days when the wilderness was being explored and opened up. Interesting.

    The jewellery is well made.

  4. Oh yea! Fresh tomatoes sound like a dream right now - not that you are picking them yet, but it will be interesting to see when you get your first one. I whine & make my mommy start mine:) She loves it & is good at it. I don't and am not. I like it once they are in the ground. Even then I say, I plant and God laughs.

  5. you are good at keeping busy, i am as well!! i have not gone anywhere in 4 days (except to play in the snow) and i am never bored. i planted some more herbs for my indoor herb garden, i have been knitting, cooking and spending lots of time photographing the birds and the snow.

    your jewlery is really beautiful!!!!!

  6. I love your jewelry. I love the bear claws. Yes, I have started them this early. Once. It is hard to keep them from going crazy. Or it was for me. Yours look very happy.
    It sounds so nice and productive to not have to go traipsing around like I have had to do for the last month. I plan on staying home lots now. I need to get myself creating again.
    Though, I did dig just a little bit to see my tiny bulbs coming up.
    Have a lovely day.

  7. That necklace turned out really nice. Most of the projects here have had to do with organizing. Also have made some nice cards. Are you not working outside the house these days?

  8. Bonnie,
    It's is enjoyable to have a creative project to work on and accomplish. I hope you enjoy your bear claw earring and necklace set! Good Luck with your quilt.

    Ella looks like great company to keep. Sitting on the porch or going for a walk.

    Thanks for leaving a comment for me today. I have been wanting to get a shot of the ole truck and Saturday was my day.

  9. That's a gorgeous necklace and earrings! I love porch sitting too, along with the kitties. Stay warm, XOXO

  10. The bear claw jewelry turned out great! What will you wear them with?

    I hope your tomato makes it to May. I don't have very good luck starting tomatoes indoors. They get too leggy. I suppose I need a grow light.


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