Sunday, April 17, 2016

back in winter's clutches...

We are back in winter's clutches.   How silly of me to think that we could get out of this season so easily.    My only spring colors come from the birds at the feeder.
 Goldfinches and Pine Siskins 
 House Finches and Cross Bills
 Plethora of birds.
 A hungry House Finch.
 Sad little crocuses waiting for warmer days.
Hopefully, next week I will have warmer photos.


  1. We've had just a smidgen of snow so far. I don't have the bright birds you do. Tell me please, where did you find that cool bird feeder? I like that. Stay cozy!

  2. Looks too cold for me. Went walleye fishing today, got a bit pink.

  3. Oh bummer, I'm sorry! Those bright little birds are so pretty against the snow, though. Great shots!

  4. OH!! I am sending lots of warm thoughts your way. Lovely photographs though.

  5. Please tell us about the bird feeder! Is it "squirrel-proof" or at least squirrel-resistant? Love the birds, and I'm waiting for the goldfinches to show up here any day now. They seem to swoop in for a week or so, hundreds at a time, then fly off to some other destination. Haven't seen them yet this year.

  6. We saw on the weather that the Hills could get a few inches of snow. We had a couple of showers earlier this week. Saturday and Sunday we had temps in the mid 30's with combinations of rain/sleet/snow. .12" of moisture today.

    At least you have pretty birds to watch and cheer you up.

  7. Oh my! We have had beautiful spring weather for the past couple days, but thankfully good snowpack higher in the mountains. Hopefully since it is April, your frozen temps. won't last long and those 'crocusicles' will be able to thaw.

  8. I hold my breath a little every time I check the long range weather forecast. Hang in there. It won't be long before spring comes back.


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