Sunday, July 24, 2016

Life is a bowl of cherries...

 I am so proud of my Bali Cherry tree.  She was loaded with fruit this year.  Enough for a pie.  
Isn't that beautiful?  Cherries and raspberries?  Every other day I wander around with my pail and pick what is ripe.

 Oh, there are some tomatoes and peas in the bottom of the bowl.  I started my picking path at the greenhouse.  I bet you were wondering about the monster cherry in the first photo.
 I figured out how to pit the cherries.  I gathered another bowl full after this one.  All from my one little tree.
 Then I gallivanted around and gathered a gob of gooseberries.  I just figured out last year that they grow on our property.  I am sill not certain what I will do with them.  Wine or jelly?  What is your vote?  You will see a few currants in there.  They didn't do very well this year.

 I have been getting a lot of peas and chamomile from the vegetable gardens.  I love using the chamomile in teas and as a hair detangler.  
A plethora of perfectly prepared peas.   They will be frozen and used in salads and pot pies.  My carrots failed miserably this year, as did my spinach.  
 I spent Sunday making raspberry jam and raspberry wine.  At least I think it is raspberry wine.  Due to poor or non-existent labeling it may be a mix of raspberry, rhubarb, and cherry wine.  I really need to improve my record keeping.    The raspberry jam was a cinch to make this year.  Usually I have to boil it forever before it is ready, but my new stove had it perfect in 1/4 the time.  I really had no idea a stove could make that big of a difference.  
What are you doing with your harvest?  What do you think I should do with my gooseberries? 
I hope you had as productive weekend as I did.  


  1. I don't think I've ever had a gooseberry! But I usually try to make some jelly from my raspberries, and I've been making a lot of pickles this summer from my cucumbers that seem to be on steroids!

  2. I make tarts with t he gooseberries in a muffin pan.Sometimes I put a little cheesecake filling on the bottom. That is a lot of jam. My oldest has became the queen of jams and jellies and sells a lot at the farmers market.We put in 24 new red raspberries, but lost all, wondering if there was a chemical spill in the area from adjacent fields.Lots of wild ones around me also.

  3. I always think that jars of freshly made preserves are so beautiful! I only make strawberry jam, but that raspberry looks wonderful. -Jenn

  4. So fun to see you have some things to pick. It's pretty sad here so far, but I'm still hopeful. I have just a few more chokecherries to pick if the birds haven't gotten them. Jelly will be made with those. Your jam looks amazing!

  5. What lovely cherries. Pie in the future?

  6. The cherries are gorgeous, and look at those beautiful jars of jam! How good that will taste in the winter!

  7. I just got peaches today at the Farmer's Market for I vote for Gooseberry Jam or Jelly!! Are they hard to grow and how do you think they'd do in hot North Carolina?

  8. Nice fruit.... Helps making summer last a little longer....


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