Sunday, January 22, 2017

Blue skies...

It is a bright sunshiney day.  We went out to our property on the river.  There was quite a bit of snow, which is much needed moisture for the area.

 I tried out my new camera's zoom.  That bird was a dot, but the camera was able to capture it.  Isn't that sky grand?  I love how the light is shining through the little rabbit's ear.

 The snow has driven the antelope down to the river.  Our neighbor said he has never seen them down here before.  They are enjoying the sunshine and a field of soybeans.  It was fun to watch them.  There are even a few deer among them if you look hard in the photo below.
There wasn't much else going on.  Despite the fact the temp was only around 21 degrees, it felt warm on the sunny prairie.  Up in the hills it was a balmy 35 degrees.  It was a need break from the snow and winter winds.  

What wild life are you seeing around your place?


  1. That picture of the antelope is amazing! We definitely don't have those here. I see quite a few wild turkeys. They were introduced to our area on purpose and have thrived quite well! -Jenn

  2. I wish we had such lovely blue skies.
    Just birds in our garden. This weekend is the Big Garden Birdwatch so they will be feeding up now so they don't need to put in an appearance then.

  3. That is a lot of antelope, I take it season is over for them. LOL Not seeing as many deer, they are hiding well, but lots of flying critters. Been seeing some coyote during the day so wonder if there are some new babes out there.They stripped a deer carcass down in a few days to almost nothing.

  4. How fun to see antelope. Sounds a bit awful, but do you ever hunt them (while in season, not now)? Antelope is delicious! They are sure an amazing creature.

  5. Beautiful pictures! The only "wildlife" we're seeing around here right now are big flocks of huge crows! :)

  6. warm temperatures for you!! we are having terrible storms here today, rain and wind, it has been quite warm. i enjoyed your images, the bunny looks so beautiful in the snow. it's always good to get out - you can't beat blue skies with pretty snow!!

  7. What lovely pictures. Your camera is amazing. I noticed a burrow today at the back of our property. I need to set up a game cam to see what is living back there.
    Nothing as awesome as what you captured. So pretty with all of the blue and white.

  8. From our airy perch here on the 11th floor we see eye to eye with the buzzards and bald eagle. One or more of the former is out there now as I write this.

  9. Wonderful photos! Your new camera works great.
    Nothing too interesting in wildlife here. The usual birds and squirrels and the occasional rabbit.
    Have a good week.


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