Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spring has sprung...

Spring has sprung between squalls of snow.  I'm going to remain hopeful, although I know we are bound to get a few big snows between now and the end of May.  My seeds are up and looking good.  They are getting shuttled between the greenhouse and the cabin.  Our weather has been wild.  We go from 30's to high 60's at the whim of Mother Nature.  

 Once the seedlings get a little bigger they will be moved to the greenhouse permanently.  My father got me a little heater so they can stay toasty during our cool evenings.  I'm very happy with my germination rate.  They only thing that hasn't shown life are the peppers and I've never been lucky with peppers.  Every year I plant them despite eminent failure, because hope does spring eternal. 
My husband has been working hard on his barn project.  The grand unveiling will be next week.  He has done an amazing job and I'm super proud of him.   Other than that, life is slow in the forest.  One day it is beautiful and I do a little raking and the next it is snowing like crazy. 

Are there any projects you are working on?  Are there any plants that you try every year and have yet to see success?  Hope everyone out there is getting a taste of spring.


  1. Can't wait until you share the finished barn project! The one thing I have given up on is blueberries. I planted two bushes and I think I picked about five berries in that amount of years. It must be wonderful getting a head start on your garden with your greenhouse. -Jenn

  2. They look better than ours which were eaten by slugs. Does the cold weather keep them at bay?

  3. My daughter called and had 75 lily bulbs she wanted to plant. I said wait and I will help in a month or so.I threw in cabbage and radish yesterday.My bulbs are all peeking with a 3 day rain

  4. I love all of your new little seedlings. The weather is the same, cold and freezing and windy and the next day hot with a desert hot wind.
    I am still working on weeding and getting everything ready for planting. I should do a post on this mineral stuff I am going to use this year. I am pretty excited about it. I am also thinking of grinding up the SCOUBY from our Kombutcha we have been making and using that on my seedlings. I will have to see how that helps this year. Have a lovely week.

  5. I also haven't been lucky with growing peppers or melons and I decided to listen to the nature and concentrate on the plants that grow well in my garden.
    I sowed some seeds of peppers and aubergines in February but none of them germinated so here we are - no more unlucky veggies :)

  6. It's so exciting to see those seedling emerge. I haven't planted my seed starts yet. Last year I planted some peppers and some grew and some didn't, but the surprise was when I planted a few Poblano Pepper seeds from the poblanos I was cooking and they GREW beautifully. I didn't even start them indoors. Just plunked a few seeds in the garden. They were nice peppers too.

    I have bad luck with zinnias. I love them, but they seem not to do well for me, but I'll keep on trying!


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