Sunday, February 4, 2018

It is curtains...

Finally, it is curtains for the curtains.  My mom tried hard to teach me to sew like a normal person.  Problem was my mind was outside riding horses.  Here I am 30 years later wishing I'd paid attention.  They look ok from afar.  Up close anyone who knows how to sew will shake their head in dismay.  Sorry Mom, I should have paid more attention.

Other than struggling with curtains, it was a quiet weekend.  No fancy cooking.  Just a quiet snowshoeing trek with the dog.
I have to show you Ella's moose bone.  She keeps digging it out after every snow.  She stands to chew on it.  I looked out the other day and it was frozen straight up.  Maybe she did that so she can find it after the next snow.
My seeds are ordered and the garden is planned.  With the temperatures well below zero, I have lots of cabin time on my hands.  The next project will be painting the main bathroom.  I may even get more material and make a quilt to match the curtains.  What are your cabin time projects?  


  1. Those curtains look fine. Do they do what they are supposed to? Looks like it to me. No cabin projects here.

  2. I could use some new curtains, maybe I should get that done. Not sure how old mine are, they came with the place.We are lambing already.

  3. Love the bone. Your curtains look great with those log walls.

  4. Well, I know how to sew, and your curtains look fabulous! I have lots of winter projects that I wanted to do, but not many are getting done. I'm halfway through making a bug hotel, but I need to paint it and that's not a favorite thing to do, so it has kind of stalled.

  5. I like your curtains. Oh, I wish that all the time that I had paid better attention to sewing.
    I wish I could go snow shoe. It looks like so much fun. That bone is funny. I could tell I had cabin fever as I cleaned and cleaned today. I am making plans for painting projects and my garden. Our tractor is in the shop right now so I am just making plans. Have a lovely week.

  6. I wish I could sew curtains!
    Right now my project is to reorganize our home office. I had that in my mind since months but the motivation level for doing that was very low.


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