Sunday, July 8, 2018

Savoring the summer...

I finally have some flower photos.  Between the deer and the hail things were looking grim.  I didn't even have crop insurance.  Luckily, I have a few surviving blooms.  These planters along the sidewalk have managed to bloom despite deer decimation and direct hail hits.
Above is my husband's favorite peony and below is the ever fickle Topaz Rose.  The evening sun plays across the petals beautifully.

The William Bafflin rose is always a stellar performer.

My vegetable garden is holding tough.  I'm even getting a few strawberries.
We have had numerous butterflies this year.  Many different species, but all are hard to sneak up on.

Really all I have blooming are peonies and roses.  Not that I am complaining, just explaining why that is all the photos are of those two flowers.

Ella and I have made it a point to slow down and savor the summer.   Life is short and summers are even shorter.  We spend as much time on the porch as possible and putter around the garden in between sips of lemonade.  When it gets dark enough I sit in back and watch the fireflies float in and out of the Aspen trees.
How have you been savoring the summer?


  1. I don't know about savouring - this summer is hard work for us - keeping things watered is a full time job. Love the photo of Ella.

  2. Your flowers are beautiful. I'm glad your blooms are so tough! I can't believe the hail didn't damage your strawberries!! They seem to be so easily destroyed, either by frost, too much rain, or birds. Love the old wheel fence along your garden. Did you just find them, or go in search of them at antique stores, etc?

  3. Even if it is only two kinds of flowers, they are still beautiful. I especially like the white/yellowish roses. -Jenn

  4. How nice and your flowers are beautiful. Yes, actually, we took off five days this last week. I think it was harder to not work. I am glad today, but taking time to enjoy the summer is easier said and done around here. I wish it wasn't so hard to grow peonies around here. Yours are just gorgeous. I hope you have a lovely week.

  5. The hot weather broke last weekend and we had two lovely days. Yesterday we drove to the Chesapeake Bay and had a hike to the water. A post on that later this week. Your flowers are gorgeous.

  6. Your flowers are gorgeous! I love the yellow roses.

  7. Hi! It took me this long to find your blog again as after I started mine up again, I didn't save any of my favorites! Anyway, sorry, and hi again! Your flowers are beautiful, along with the sunlight illuminating them. I can't believe the storm you had with those hail balls! I am doing the same thing as you...trying to make summer last longer! I think the idea of sitting on the porch is the best way to savor it. Andrea


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