Sunday, October 14, 2018

Bird is the word...

My husband and I made a quick trip back to my parents last weekend.  A person hates to leave the hills during the fall.  The colors are so amazing and fall is very short lived.  

I was able to add a few more birds to my birding list.  The grouse were hard to get a photo of.  They move pretty fast.  This one stopped for a second on the electric lines and I got a quick photo.
Sharp-Tailed Grouse
I already have a red tailed hawk photo, but this one posed, unlike the other one.  We saw tons of them on the drive home and back.  It was heartbreaking that I missed a photo of a bald eagle on the coolest rock sticking up out of the prairie.  By the time we realized it was real and got turned around it had flown off.  We will forever have the picture in our head. 
Red Tailed Hawk
 As you can see, the leaves are just starting to turn at my parent's place.
I think I have a song sparrow photo also, but this guy kept taunting me for a photo. 
 Song Sparrow
 My mother's flower bed. Is always amazing.  Those petunias are all volunteers.  Our short growing season and shady yard would never encourage this type of growth.
It is snowing again and my crab apple tree is filled with robins, flickers, and turkeys.  They are very happy to have some food during our latest snowstorm.
 Northern Flicker
I have looked and looked.  I think this is an orange crowned warbler rather than a yellow warbler.  Yellow warbler's have bars on the wings and the orange crowned doesn't.  If I have mis-identified please let me know. 
Orange Crowned Warbler
 We got about 5-6 inches of heavy wet snow.  The trees are all bent over, because they still have their leaves.  It is supposed to warm up this week.  I hope so.  I'm not quite ready for winter.
I hope you are having better weather.  It was a good trip home last weekend and I did enjoy taking it easy this weekend.  I needed a quiet weekend.  Hopefully the roads won't be too icy tomorrow.  


  1. I love your bird pictures. The flicker is so pretty, and hawks are amazing. I can't believe the snow you are getting. I'm so sorry... you should have had a longer Autumn. -Jenn

  2. There’s always one that gets away. The flicker is striking. In the fourth photo, what is the kite shape on the hillside?

  3. Snow again? we are having rain here again. We need some sunny days for the leaves to change colors. Many are just falling with out coloring up. What was that figure on the hillside at your parents' home?

  4. Got a light dusting but it is melting fast. Love the petunias, I had some years back that came back.the warbler is a real treat. Raptors see that camera and run usually, one needs to be real quick.

  5. Your bird pictures are stunning, as usual! As is the foliage! I'd hate to leave, and miss that oo! What is on the looks kind of like a kite pattern, cut into the trees! :)

  6. You got such nice photos of those birds. My goodness. We had a flicker in the yard yesterday eating something like it was popcorn. I knew if I moved he would fly away and he did. Maybe next time you can get a picture of the bald eagle.
    I bet you aren't ready for winter and snow yet. Your trees are so pretty.


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