Sunday, December 2, 2018


This weekend project was paper making.  I'm hoping to use the final product for gift tags or cards.  We had plenty of shredded paper.
I added the paper and quite a bit of water to the blender.  When it was a pretty strong pulp I spread it out on a window screen.  It was easier to spread when I covered it with some plastic.  
I had a paper wasp nest I've held on to forever with hope of finding a use for it.  I put some of it in the pulp.  I covered the pulp with the rest of it.  I'm not sure how it will work.  I'm going to be patient and leave everything alone for a week, so it can dry throughly.

I tried to take a photo of the the cabin with the lights.  The snow kind of ruined it.
Ella and I went on our first snowshoeing trip.  It was beautiful outside.  One minute the sun was shining and the next it was an icy fog.  It was a breath taking walk.  Some of it the beauty and some was snowshoeing is hard work.
When we got back to the cabin the sun was shining again. Everything looked grand with a fresh coat of snow.
My snowshoeing partner is wore out.  Actually, so am I.
Have you ever made paper?  How did you use it?  What was the last new project you tried?  How much snow do you have?


  1. I have not, but it sounds intriguing with the wasp nest in it. Keep us posted 😊 We just had our first snow are are expected to get more tonight. I'm not sure I'm ready for it, but ready or not...

  2. The only time I made paper was when I was teaching. As far as snow none yet and I hope it stays that way although it looks very pretty where you are.

  3. I remember trying to make paper as a child, but the end product was disappointing because it was so thick. We had LOTS of snow, but then it turned mild this weekend and rained, taking away almost all of it. -Jenn

  4. When the kids were young we made paper, and I am sad to say, after that experience never did it again. It was fun for them I think. It looks beautiful at your house.
    We never get snow. Maybe 21 years ago I think. Isn't that sad.
    Have a lovely week.


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