Sunday, March 10, 2019

Will wonders ever cease...

Saturday was miserable.  We had several more inches of snow and nasty winds.  It has been a long winter.  

Friday morning had been warm, so the teachers and I introduced 30 students to the joys of snowshoeing:)  Have you ever taken 30 teenagers to do anything?  It is always an adventure.  South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks has an excellent program that allows you to borrow snowshoes for free.  I have used it before with my nieces.  Anyway, our center is in a beautiful location next to the creek.  We handed out snowshoes and started helping students figure out how to get them on.   All of a sudden I look up and half the kids are gone.  They didn't wait for everyone.  I headed out after them at a run.  I'm always anticipating disasters, like somebody falling through the ice or heading off on their own.  Well, it turned out to be a perfect day.  We figured half the students would 'dip out' as they call it and quit after 200 yards of hard work.  Boy we were wrong.  All in all the little buggers went a minimum of 2 1/2 miles and some went 3 1/2.  No complaints (teenagers and no complaints?), lots of laughter, and everyone helping each other over logs and around obstacles.  I love my job.  Just when you start to get cynical they surprise you.  I surprised them and  asked the culinary arts students to make hot cocoa and apple cider for when we returned.  Then we watched To Build A Fire based on the Jack London short story.  I never show movies in school, so they were elated.  Many of them had never tasted apple cider.    None of them had ever  used snowshoes.   I thought our ELL students would struggle.  I forgot they play soccer daily.  They were running and jumping in the snowshoes like gazelles.  All in all it was a great experience.  The day will always be in my heart.  

The kids weren't the only ones that got to snowshoe.  Today was beautiful, so Ella and I got to go for a run.  We didn't get to last week.  It was just too cold.  As you can see, she was also super happy.

I am so thankful that we have such beautiful views on our Sunday excursions.  Today the colors seemed to jump out.
That was it for the weeks, adventures.  I've been pretty limited on projects with my online class.  Yes, I'm still whining about it.  If I have to hear the kids complain, I figure I get to a little.  

Have you ever tried something new and had such a happy outcome?  


  1. Lovely scenery and the kids obviously had loads of fun which they will remember for quite a while.

  2. What a marvelous adventure for your students. They will remember it for a long time.

  3. They'd never had apple cider! Doesn't it make you wonder sometimes? Being able to share real life rather than just "book life" is so invaluable. Glad it was a good day. That sunshine on the mountains looks amazing!

  4. It melts a little and freezes here. Lots of that white stuff. Sunday I had to go into deep snow to not slide sideways every step I took.Love the snowshoes for a first time.

  5. I loved this, I am so glad the kids had such a great time. I would love to learn to snowshoe someday. Spring will be here before you know it.
    I love your pictures and I love how blue your skies are. It looks so pretty with that snow. Pretty Ella running in the snow. I am sure she had such a wonderful time. Have a wonderful week. I just can't think of anything to answer your question. :)


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