Sunday, May 19, 2019


 Yes, you know what drat means.  It snowed.  Three inches so far with a prediction for 10 more.  Winter isn't coming, it is still here.  Despite today's woes, last week was wonderful.  Some friends came out to go turkey hunting.  We had a great time.  I think they saw a fox every day.  Turkey hens walked over their feet and they were swooped by a hawk.  Hunting is always an adventure.  They did get a turkey.  If they would have just sat on the porch with me drinking coffee they would have had several toms:)  That was the shining spot of May.  As you can see below, the birds are as aghast about the snow as we are.  Don't you love the look on his face and the snow on his forehead? 

 I was being a grump about the weather, but my husband sweet talked me into a walk.  I was glad we went.  Ella was upset that the men didn't take her bird hunting (you can't use dogs turkey hunting).  She was sure to show us her birding skills on the walk.  She pointed perfectly at our resident grouse. 

Well, that is that.  They still aren't done with the roof.  I am losing hope.  The roofer said they would try again tomorrow, before the big snow hit.  That is all I have for this week.  Please tell me I am not the only person with snow?


  1. That is just sad. Sad, sad, sad. No snow anymore here, but rain. So much rain. -Jenn

  2. Winter's last gasp I hope. At least there won't be drought with all the moisture this year.
    Roof? What roof?

  3. No snow here, but I was wondering on Saturday, a few more degrees lower and we would have been shoveling, too. I hope the white stuff has melted and you're back to spring. The photos are wonderful. :-)

  4. This will make you feel better. We have snow every single day since last Wednesday. This is California. We are set to break rain record amounts set in 1921. My grandkids thought they would be swimming every day. Nope! They had to get out the down coats again. So its not you, I was afraid of a freeze last night. Thankfully it didn't get down there but 37 for here is just crazy.
    Hang in there. Its sure to pass.

  5. OH MY....SNOW. Here in Nashville TN we only saw two dustings this yr. No real snow which bums me out BUT...I would not wish to see it snow here in May. Very pretty with the cabin just sitting out in the middle of it. But like you I would not be to very happy.


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