Monday, April 27, 2020

If I can just make it to rhubarb...

After a long winter, my Great Aunt Bonnie used to always say, "if I can just make it to rhubarb, I'll live another year."  Sadly, she passed away on March 9th at 92.  Every time I look at my rhubarb this spring, I think of her.  She was a strong part of my childhood and instrumental in shaping who I would become.  Everyone should have an Aunt Bonnie and I try very hard to be for my nieces what she was for me. She will be missed.
I did a little shed hunting this weekend.  You may think these
are too small to be of any use, but I have big plans for them.  You may ask why a bird feeder is included in my bounty.  I was going crazy this last year trying to remember where I put it.  Come to find out, I didn't put it anywhere.  It had blown off the deck and rolled into the woods.  That wasn't the only thing I found shed hunting.  This ruffed grouse was looking for love.  The sound of grouse drumming is one of my favorite harbingers spring.

This weekend was perfect for planting.  My square foot gardening template comes in very handy for sowing carrots.  The planter turns out to be one of my best projects.  The templates make planting a breeze.

It was a productive weekend.  Spring is around the corner.  Congratulations on making it to the rhubarb.  Let's hope that means we all have another year ahead of us.


  1. We usually find a shed or two in tractor tires when we start mowing the fields. We have been looking for a large shed to match one our neighbor found, but no luck yet. I will remember your Great Aunt Bonnie's saying, "If I can make it to Rhubarb..." Happy Spring to you!

  2. Oh, I DO love rhubarb! Mine isn't very big yet. As soon as it is I will make a rhubarb crumble and eat it for breakfast and lunch! I love that "template" thing! Brilliant!

  3. that gardening template is so cool and would be so useful. good luck with your garden this year!!


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