Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day...

 Happy Mother's Day.  I was starting to sweat about my Mother's Day gift.  For the last few years I've tried to send my mom lemon cucumber seeds.  I got her seeds a few years ago and put them somewhere safe.  They are certainly safe.  I still haven't found them.  Last year, I couldn't find lemon cucumber seeds for sale anywhere.  This year I ordered seeds, but due to the virus shipping was delayed.  Thankfully, they came in time.  I put her seeds on  kitchen island, so I wouldn't lose them.  I ordered quite a few  seeds this year as I needed to replenish my seed supply.   The newest seeds I had were from 2016.
This rose photo is from a few years ago.  They remind me of my mother and her mother.  I am thankful that she taught me to appreciate what you have and treat it with care.  Thanks Mom!


  1. I just wish that I still had a mum to buy a gift for.

  2. Yellow roses are my favorite:-) I went through and planted a bunch of my old seeds this weekend (we didn't have snow.) We'll see what sprouts.


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