Sunday, June 21, 2020


It was a busy weekend.  We are moving towards putting up the new greenhouse.  It is going to be a two or three weekend project.  I'm just so happy because suddenly and finally things are blooming.  I wait all winter for this.  I have to say this year it is looking good.  I don't have any further comment.  I will let the photos do the talking.  

It was almost impossible to do yoga on our upper deck tonight.  The sunset was amazing.  I thought I got a bunch of photos, but alas, doing yoga and taking photos doesn't work.  Hope you enjoyed the tour.  Next week I will have the grand unveiling of the new greenhouse. Maybe.  I hope your gardens are as delightful.  


  1. You have some beautiful irises. Those raindrop photos are wonderful! -Jenn

  2. you were words were needed, the flowers were able to hold their own!!

    i don't think it is possible to do anything while the sun is setting. just best to sit and watch and either photograph it with your eyes or a camera!! have a great week!!

  3. It’s grit to see bare patches closing up under a carpet of flowers

  4. Gorgeous photos and the clouds are glorious!


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