Sunday, July 12, 2020

Slowly summer slips...

Summer is slowly slipping by.  The rose bed is in it's glory.  Ella accidently ran over what we think was a baby pine martin.  There was quite a ruckus. He seemed ok and went on his way.  At first we thought it was a baby ermine, but the next day we say a pine martin in front of the cabin.  A closer look at baby pine martin photos on the internet, shows that is probably what he was.  You never know what will happen around here.  The roses are really doing well. We've been getting about an inch or rain a week and somehow lucky enough to miss the hail that has pelted the hills.  The saying, "the hum of bees is the voice of the garden" has been very true.  The catmint in my front beds are in full bloom and loaded with every type of bee you could imagine.  The same goes for my lambs ear.  Meanwhile, the bumble bees are in love with my delphiniums.  

Morden Sunrise above and below is Hansa below. 

Below is the ever dependable Champlain Rose.
My last iris bloomed about the time the first of the pink roses started blooming.

I love how the windmill looks in the rain.  Below is the strangest mushroom I've ever seen.  I was out picking wild strawberries when a thunderstorm blew in out of nowhere.  I was racing through the woods to the cabin before the rain hit, but had to stop when I saw this beautiful sight.  It was so perfect.  Despite the short photo shoot, I did make it home before the storm hit. 

I found quite a few of these little beauties.  Not enough for jam, which is too bad as it makes the most amazing vibrant jam you have ever tasted.  I've only found one batch big enough about 15 years ago.  My dog, Ezra, found them.  I picked a hatful.  The taste was forever summer.  What taste to you equate with summer?  Corn on the cob? Jam? Lemonade?  Hope you have found time to hold on to the summer days and enjoy them while they last.


  1. Tastes of summer: watermelon, barbecue, strawberries, Bud Light Lime, corn on the cob. Your roses are lovely! -Jenn

  2. Looking forward to more tastes of summer from the farmers market near our new apartment in Lebanon NH. Move day is Wednesday!

  3. Flowers may come late to your neck of the woods, but when they finally arrive...Wow! How beautiful they are!

  4. Intriguing mushroom! We went mushrooming last weekend - mostly corals. I love the Morden Sunrise - it looks so old fashioned and kind.

  5. Your gardens are lovely. I love seeing all of your blooms. I can't wait to rip out all of these bushes that are around here and plant real gardens. Summer now that you ask, the smell of the hot. I would miss that if I lived here. I love the smell of a hot summer day. Crispy grass, warm air and as the sun goes down, the cooling of the air. I really love those wild strawberries and those mushrooms. I am so glad you had your camera.

  6. That is a strange fungus. Love the windmill photo. Maybe mother pine marten was checking out who had frightened her offspring

  7. your gardens/flowers are really gorgeous!! it is nice that you know the names of the roses and flowers. i love a garden that always has something in bloom, as one fades, another blooms!!

    the windmill looks lovely in the rain, that is an outstanding image. a fancy fungi, i have never seen it before!!


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