Monday, September 7, 2020

Like that...

 It was too good to be true.  A long slow summer on the porch.  I'm still teleworking, as we don't know when our students will be allowed to return.  The weatherman warned us that summer was coming to an abrupt end.

Last year I was caught unprepared and didn't get my quilting materials before the snow.  Then had a hard time getting what I needed.  Not this year.  My husband and I found the perfect materials for my winter project.
I spent yesterday gathering seeds, sorting them, and preparing them for storage.  Below are gaillardia seeds and above my sunflowers.

Everything is neatly labeled and stored. Ready for fall and spring planting.

Leaves are changing and colors everywhere.  We scuttled around picking apples, gerkin cucumbers, and any ripe tomatoes.

Everything I could possibly fit in the greenhouse is in there.  My dad gave me a little heater and we got it all set up.

It was hard to feel urgency when we were so busy admiring the colors.  Even the animals were hunkering down.  This butterfly spent all weekend pretending to be a piece of wood.  We found the caterpillar snuggled in on a branch of the apple tree.

Then like that...
Summer is over.
Summer was wonderful while it lasted and fall was fleeting.  A three whole days.  Hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day weekend.


  1. Oh, no! Already? Surely it will melt and warm up again?

  2. Snow already wow! I’m afraid so far our summer has been a disappointment here.

  3. And, your gardens were still so beautiful! Hopefully, this little bit of winter will be short-lived, and you can return to fall. But, I will admit, your pictures make me long for snow!

  4. Your end of summer flowers look beautiful. Then...oh my! Let us know if it gets back to fall. Good prep work for next spring with your seeds.
    Our leaves in Delaware didn't start any changes yet. It is still in the 80's. Andrea

  5. I can't even imagine the joy of snow... With raging deadly fires I only wish it would happen here. It is wild that there are autumn days out there, it seems like a very distant wish...


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