Sunday, August 8, 2021


 It was a busy weekend. There were quite a few things to do.   The beans are starting to ripen.  I had enough for dinner and some leftover to can.

I have been itching to do some beading.  I am by no means a professional, but it is calming.  

Someone asked what I planned on using the porcupine quills for.  This was one thing I had planned to do with them.
Along with harvesting flower seeds, I also trimmed my licorice, lime, lemon, and sweet basil.  They are great in teas.  I found this old metal something-or-another long ago and knew I could use it for something.  It makes a perfect herb drying rack.
My garden is starting to produce.  Here are the beans, cherry tomatoes, and Mexican gherkin cucumbers.  They are great for snacking.
My pumpkin is making great progress.  There is a little acorn squash hiding behind it.
There are still berries to pick: raspberries, chokecherries, and sand cherries.
In case you are wondering what a sand cherry looks like on the shrub.  I will say they are rather tasteless.
That's all I know for now.  Somewhere amid all of that I found a little time to sit on the porch.
Hopefully, you are enjoying your summer.


  1. Back from vacation in the Catskills and tackling projects here now.

  2. Oh those precious berries will be so good next winter when the snow flies! I love your last picture!

  3. pretty bead work, perhaps they would make nice christmas gifts!! my garden has been pretty awesome this year and i could not be more thrilled!! i wish i knew how to can, you are blessed with many talents!!


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