Sunday, July 9, 2023

Making progress...

 We've been checking a lot of projects off of our to do list this summer.  We both are tired of losing our vegetable gardens to hail, so we are trying this hail protective mesh.  

It took a bit to figure out how to cover my garden, but we took some boards and drill half a hole for the rebar to fit in.  Then we stapled the mesh to the boards.  We have had hail once a week, so now that we are prepared that should be the last of it.
We finally found a gate we liked for the orchard.  My husband surprised me and put it in  while I was at work.  It is very nice.  Way more convenient than the fencing/rake set up we had.  
Here is the hail protection for my husband's pumpkins.  No more running back and forth whenever it looks like hail.
My flower gardens are blooming like crazy.  
Last year the hail destroyed everything.  I guess the flowers are trying to pay me back for last year's disappointment.

This bug was sure enjoying the daisy.  
My mother's irises.
I certainly have enjoyed the summer.  After work on Friday, several of my coworkers stopped by for lemonade on the porch.  We played beanbag toss, giant Jenga, and just enjoyed the evening.  We haven't gotten together like that since COVID.  It was nice.  Even nicer was having a quiet weekend to garden and work on projects. 
The sun sets on another weekend.  Do you get much hail?  What is your biggest garden for?


  1. Fortunately we don't get much hail but there are lots of other things out to damage plants and edibles. We need a very large biome.

  2. Your flowers are so beautiful. We get hail, maybe twice a season, nothing too devastating. My largest bed is for my vegetables, but I have many, many mixed perennial and shrub beds throughout the property, so likely if I added up the square footage, I'd have more of that. Yes, likely now that you are fully prepared, your hail days are over! ;) -Jenn

  3. We don't get hail in FL but while we're out west we get it. In our RV park here, there is an older model trailer that has horrible pockmark damage. Makes my husband nervous about his car. Saw a youtube where they strung a bunch of pool noodles together side-by-side and used it as a "blanket" to protect a car from hail, lol, whatever it takes. Glad you've got your garden handled. Gorgeous flowers!

  4. I don't think we've experienced hail here in NH yet. Pouring rain all morning here.

  5. your flowers are lovely . Do you get that much hail every year? We do get it but it is very random and rare.
    It sounds like a lovely summer you are having with games and guests

  6. Here I am on the big screen loving every picture you posted. Wow! I am so glad your gardens will be safe from the hail.

  7. Its so pretty. I didn't know you got hail like that. How sad. Being in the east, I really got to experience weather. One of the nicest things living here. Is the weather doesn't go crazy. Just the people. :)

  8. Your flowers are lovely and very clever to protect from hail. Your get together sounded wonderful.

  9. what a lot of work to protect your garden. the flowers you have in bloom right now are gorgeous!! we rarely get biggest garden is my wildflower garden!! my mom is ill, i had been taking care of her for a month. i haven't done any projects in what seems like forever!!

  10. Your garden is looking beautiful. I can't wait to get our sorted but it could be another year or two :0(


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