Sunday, August 6, 2023

Summer starts to fade to fall...

 We had 3 inches of rain.  It has felt like fall.  We have been blessed by having quite a bit of company lately.  My brother was here in time to celebrate his birthday.

The herbs and garlic were ready to harvest.  I'm not pleased with the size of the garlic bulbs.  I will try something different next year.

There has been a tremendous amount of wildlife around.  As you can see, we have fawns.  I like how the photo above turned out.
I was lucky enough to get up close to the bighorn sheep and see their little ones.
This doe has decided my yard is her salad garden.  I can walk right up to her and it doesn't drive her away.
I can't blame her for being hungry.  She has a set of twins and someone keeps dropping off an extra fawn for her to feed and watch.
There are also a several turkey hens and poults.  They are getting big.
Bumblebees are everywhere.  It is fun watching them lazily wander from flower to flower.
We have had a lot of rain.  There is nothing more majestic than a thunderhead.
The chipmunks plant sunflowers everywhere.  This one in the greenhouse is perfectly placed.
Meet the winning giant pumpkin.  He is making great progress.  I just hope it doesn't pull the garden fence down.
The honeybees are incredible.  The hive is five boxes high.  The beekeeper said it is going to be a stellar year.

I couldn't choose between the last two photos, so I posted them both.  We are really enjoying the cool fall like weather.  

What is the weather where you are?  What wildlife are you seeing.  Do you have bees?


  1. In the evenings it feels like fall but we are still having sunny, hot days. Awww, the fawns! Is it normal to have young fawns at this time of year? Why did I imagine that they would already be quite a bit bigger by now? We had a few turkeys on the property a week or so ago, but they flew off in a hurry. -Jenn

  2. Great pictures! that poor deer I would not want her to eat my gardens but she has a lot to take care of. When it is not raining lately which it seems to always be raining the weather has been amazing dry sunny and with a great breeze. Cooler at night which is fine by me I don't mind snuggling down in the covers.

  3. I had to laugh when I say your question about weather. Its still hot! it will be hot I think until November. Haha. Your pictures are lovely. It would be hard to pick but I liked the bottom picture of the mists of August. Oh we have a few bees but not many as I would wish. We have lots of wild bees but not too many honey bees and a few bumblebees. Not much wild life in suburbia. We do have hawks and we have a owl that roosts on our roof. We put up a sun shade and he or she has decided that the sun shade is an excellent place to sit.
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I think its so good your kids have a green house to work in. I wish more of the schools here would do that.
    This school is pretty unique for here. I hope you have a lovely week. I loved the deer and the sheep. What a gift you have.

  4. How lovely to have so much wildlife to enjoy.

  5. I really like your blog. The wildlife especially the fawns are beautiful. I like the sunflower photo, too.

  6. I don't know if you got my previous comment. I really like your photos of the wildlife especially the fawns. The sunflower is beauitiful, too.

  7. Just home today after a week family vacation in the Adirondacks. Lots of rainy days interspersed with sun. Rain gauge here at home registered 1.5 inches while we were away. More rain coming. We did see trees with reddening leaves in the Adirondacks.

  8. I love the pumpkin in progress. Great to see the herbs drying as well. Cheers, Ivy.


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