Sunday, September 10, 2023

Nature waits for no one...

 I should have harvested my sweetgrass weeks ago.  Nature waits for no one and I almost waited too long.  

The ends were starting to brown on many of the strands.  I had to be picky.  It was a pretty wet and damp day to be harvesting anything. 

It was beautiful down by the pond and extremely peaceful.   Harvesting sweetgrass is a type of meditation.   Every strand must be cut individually.  It keeps a person focused yet you can also be reflective.

This year I am going to follow Native traditions and braid seven, seven, by seven strands.  I didn't think it would give me enough grass per braid, but as you can see, it should work fine.  Each clothespin has 21 strands.  Please read the following link as she explains the meaning behind the 21 strands better than I could.

The fawns are cute , but they have pretty much munched my garden down to nothing. 
These tiny little mushrooms showed up after the last rain.  They are so delicate. 
Here are a few flowers that have escaped the deer.

I made several jars of grape jelly and a batch of wine.  The grapes were picked at the home of a good friend.  She also made a fabulous eggplant parmesan.

That was it for my weekend.   A little of this a bit of that.  I hope your weekend was productive. 


  1. You had a very productive week. Grape jelly sounds wonderful.

  2. Wonderful post today, the teachings in the sweetwaterhealingarts post really resonated - would that more of the people in the world lived that way! Please include your weaving in future blogs. Have a wonderful day, Linda

  3. Your pictures, as always, are wonderful, but I like best seeing the results of your oh-so-productive weekend in the kitchen from last week's post. I would be so proud. When I was growing up, I almost disliked summer because of the long hours in the kitchen canning with my mother. Grape jelly on homemade buttered bread will be wonderful when the snow flies, which really isn't that far away.

  4. Cutting sweet grass must be a work of live and patience. The fawn is beautiful but I'm glad thet I don't have thmn munching my plants.

  5. The history behind the sweet grass is something I didn't know about so thank you for sharing it.


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