Sunday, March 10, 2024

Slow down...

 It was a pretty quiet weekend.  I put a border around the quilt.  I planned on doing more, but time seems to have escaped me.

I like how it is turning out.  Next weekend I will put the back together.  Then let the quilting begin. 

Sometimes a person needs a quiet weekend.  We enjoyed the good weather and took a couple of walks.  I cleaned out a few flower beds and mulched the roses.  The birds are sure chirping.  I had a few house finches and redpolls wander through.  Spring is around the corner. 

I hope you had a relaxing weekend.  Are the birds starting to come alive there?


  1. Slowing down is a good motto for life - enjoy what you see/hear/feel. We are starting to see some pairing-up of birds around here. The quilt is so pretty with it gentle colors and the bright pop from the border.

  2. The birds are certainly singing. A robin usually sings its heart out when we are at the allotment.

  3. Your blog has a new look. I like it though my eyes would be grateful for larger print.

  4. That sweet quilt screams spring I love it.


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