Monday, March 28, 2011

Birdhouse project...

Since the title of the post is birds, bees, berries, and blooms, I figure I had better talk about birds at some point.  Here is an easy project for our feathered friends. 
    I love doing projects using the resources around me.  With 20 acres of aspen, birch, oak, and pines, I have lots of natural resources.  One project I enjoyed this summer involved making birdhouses out of downed aspen trees.  There are several aspen trees on the ground around our home.  Many were at one time bird houses.  I stress I used trees that had fallen over.  I don't what anyone to think I was cutting down little bird homes. 
     First, I cut above and below the holes.  I then scraped off the bark and sanded the outside to show off the worm galleries.  Some didn't need a top and bottom, but most did.  I stained the outside to slow deterioration and  reused some old wire we found on the property as hangers.  We love to shed hunt for antlers and I used the smaller ones as decorative perches. 
Beginning, middle, and final project.
      It was a fun project and they make great gifts.  When my sister came out this winter, I let my nieces each pick a birdhouse.  Then when I went to my sister's to help with the floors in the new house.  I was really excited to go with the girls to their new farm and let them pick where to put their bird houses.  It was a wonderful experience.   We spent the rest of the day checking to see if any birds have moved in. 
     If you have a few old trees on the ground I highly recommend this project.  It didn't cost a penny, but was a productive way to spend a couple of weekends and led to a great day with my nieces.

Good Lord!  Slow down Aunt Bonnie isn't that fast.


  1. I just found your blog (thanks to you leaving me a comment) and just went back and read every post. What a beautiful area and cabin you live in. I love your rose garden. The birdhouses are so cute, what a great idea. I bet your nieces love them and I hope they have birds nesting in them soon.
    I'm looking forward to seeing how your garden grows this spring and fall.

  2. Those birdhouses are cool, you did an awesome job on them! Wish I had some old trees here that have fallen down.

  3. Those birdhouses are lovely! I might have to go kicking through our woods tomorrow to find just the tree for such a project. I'm so glad the Barn Hop led me here.

  4. Beautiful and so creative! Love those! I will show my hubby.. I be he will want to try and make one!

  5. Honey, you sure are a BUSY girl, and those poor nieces of yours...they must be pooped out.

    Love what you're doing!


  6. Your birdhouses are much more creative them mine. I really like them. You can see mine on page four of my website You may also enjoy reading my wife's blog


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