Saturday, March 26, 2011

Flip this house...

It was a fun week at my sister's house.  If you can call hard work fun.  I helped wrangle 3 kids 5, 4, and 1, while also helping Becky finish the wood floors on the 100 year old farmhouse they bought.   I learned several things.

1.  You have to ease into 3 kids.  Three right off the bat is tough on a person.  They are great little girls with wonderful personalities, but a lot of work.  I don't know how you moms out there do it. 

The finished product.
 2.  Refinishing a wood floor is not (I repeat not) a 3 day project.  Especially when the dining room floor is covered with a black glue. 

3.  There is no accounting for other people's taste.  Blue shag carpet vs. oak hardwood floors seemed like an easy decision to me.  (This blog is late, because I was trying to get a photo of the blue shag.  It may be added later.)

4.  Doing a project like this with another person is very helpful.  Just when one person's spirits were low the other would be positive and keep the project moving forward.

5.  There is nothing more fun than rummaging around an old farm with your sister, finding all sorts of cool treasures, and letting your imaginations run wild.  I will be back and we will put some of those ideas into practice. 

Sanded floors. 


  1. What beautiful floors! You should be proud.

  2. The floors are incredible! What beauty ~ and yes, it's a challenge to do all the things that life requires with little ones running about. But, I'm learning as a (not so young mother myself) that there are no greater joys either :)


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