Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A flash of gold on a rainy day...

Yellow Warbler

I had a great birdwatching day today.  I cannot believe I got such good photos of the little warbler.  They are elusive.  I tried to get his mate, but she would not sit still.   They were enjoying the birch trees. 

He is so cute!

American Goldfinch

I have been happy to host 3 Goldfinches.  They hang out with the Pine Siskins.  

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I have yet to identify this guy.  I have an e-mail in to a great South Dakota bird identification web-site my Aunt told me about:http://sdakotabirds.com/index.html  I've been trying to identify this bird for the last 4 years.  Maybe this will be the year.
Black Headed Grosbeak

My Grosbeaks are back.  I love watching them.  They are nicer than their cousin's the Evening Grosbeaks.  Those birds are thugs.  They come in and totally take over a feeder.  The first year I was here I called them the Goon Squad.

You can tell when it is too cold or wet to do anything.  I turn to the birds to keep me occupied.  Today was a good birdwatching day.  I was so happy to get photos.  I'm usually not a patient woman, but today patience paid off.

My thoughts go out to all who have been hit by tornados.  I'm glad the Little Red Farmhouse still stands.


  1. Oh, you did get some excellent photos of birds. I love bird-watching, they always cheer me right up.

  2. What a wonderful post! The little warblers are adorable, as are all the little gems.

  3. Loved the Yellow Warbler photo, they are kind of rare here I know they are common out west. Never seen the grosbeak before.

  4. Our finches usually arrive when the trees that fringe our backyard get berries on them...which should be in the next few weeks. I love seeing your photos--which are amazing. I remain in awe of nature; it's beauty is something to behold.
    However, my prayers also go out to those hit by the recent tornadoes, especially to those who have lost loved ones. XOXO

  5. Beautiful photos!
    A little bit of sunshine on a rainy day!


  6. Amazing shots. I do not know what that bird is either.
    I am praying for all those people suffering from this weird weather we are having, I hope things get better.
    I read your comment on my blog about the ticks, that is very scary. B

  7. Fantastic bird shots, love the bright yellow!

  8. These are great bird pictures! They were posing for you! I have very few bird shots that are worth posting. The yellow guy is very attractive! Reminds me of a lemon, and I love lemons!

  9. what pretty birds you were patient fantastic photos.My thoughts also go out to all who have been hit by tornados.

  10. These are beautiful pictures! Your patience certainly did pay off.

  11. Blog hopping & found your blog! I host a garden party on Thursday's & would love to have you link up sometime! You are welcome to come by & peek through the garden posts shared too! xoox, tracie


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