Saturday, May 21, 2011

Let the games begin!

Bird, Bees, Berries, Blooms and Veggies!
So much depends upon a red wheelbarrow,
glazed with rain water...
Well, we did it.  Rain did not deter us one bit.  Pouring rain didn't slow us either.  The greenhouse is a go.  I wish I could have taken a photo of us carrying the greenhouse from the garage to the landing spot.  Of course, I figured asking my husband to stop, while I set up the tripod, and put the timer on the camera was pushing my luck, so no photo attempts were made. 

It fit on the base with minimal trouble.  Yesterday there was enough of a break in the rain to get a load of black gold, aged buffalo compost from one of my co-workers.  Instead of raised beds, we decided to just fill the whole inside with 8 inches of compost and just add some stepping stones inside.  It took 10 wheelbarrow loads to fill the inside.   Somebody asked me where my husband got the greenhouse and it was at the website:

Batten down the hatches!
We determined big floppy hats are a must when working in the rain.  We will fore go any photos of me, as I had about 10 layers of clothing on.  It was raining pretty good when we started this morning, so we hurried to get the compost in the greenhouse.  Glad we did because it really let loose about the 8th wheelbarrow load.  We kept going and after that put the door on despite the downpour.  Poor Ella sat there looking at us like we were insane. 

I am so excited tomorrow I plant.  Kelly is going to make a little table in the back to put potted plants, like tomatoes and peppers.  I want to thank my wonderful husband for this Christmas present.  Even though I couldn't use it immediately and it took some work to get put together it is the best Christmas present ever.


  1. What a great job you both did on installing your lovely greenhouse. It looks great with the pathway down the centre. You'll have such fun filling it up with nice, green, lush plants!

    PS - I love that photo of Ella at the bottom of your blog. Our beagle used to lay with her legs out to the back like that.

  2. Looks great! Glad the rain didn't stop you from getting it set up. Have fun planting!

  3. What a wonderful addition to your garden...I can't wait to see what you grow in it. Whatever you choose it will flourish with love. Susan XOXO

  4. Lucky you! You have a greenhouse! Cute one! And what a great gift!

  5. How exciting, I can't wait to see what comes out of it :)

  6. Beautiful greenhouse. What a nice addition.


  7. Looks fabulous!! A great present that keeps giving. Enjoy.

  8. That is a gorgeous green house! It will be fun to watch and see how it fills up with plants! Floppy hats, muck boots and rain slickers..sounds like you guys are true gardeners!

  9. How fun! Can't wait to hear how it works for you! I was out shoveling composted cow manure into the gardens in the rain today - are we hard core or what?! :)

  10. What a nice addition to your garden! I like the pathway through greenhouse! Neat idea!


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