Sunday, June 12, 2011

Update on activities and some unusual lemonade...

This post is all about responding to questions and follow up on past posts.

First off, Vintage West asked me if those were bee hives in the back ground.  They are and the
bees are doing great.  The beekeeper was here and took some of the bees to other hives that didn't make it.  He lost two hives out of ten.  That is pretty good.  My hives were in wonderful shape.  I was right there and he showed me the baby bees and all sorts of cool stuff.  I forgot to take the camera.  Bummer, as it was interesting stuff.
                                                                                                                                                                                  The next follow up is my beautiful header photo.  I've had questions about my Apricot Beauty Tulips in that photo.  Not to be this year.  As I have mentioned I am tulip challenged.  My beautiful Apricot Beauties did not return for a second showing.  The bed still looks good, but not spectacular like last year.
My greenhouse update is very positive.  Can you say WOW.  I know, I know you are going to advise me to thin things out.  I did some serious thinning after this photo.  Pretty happy with my first attempt at vegetable gardening, but I am not counting my vegetables before they are harvested.  Something is bound to happen.

The garlic experiment seems to be going well.  I planted 1/2 the cloves this spring, as they were already sprouting.  The other half I put in the refrigerator for fall planting.  I put them in my chive and asparagus wheel.  I'm so excited, as I planted the asparagus from seed this spring and it came back.  Yahoo.  Anyway the garlic looks good.  I will check it out this fall.  See my happy raspberries in the back ground:) 
                                   My wild strawberries are blooming like crazy.  There is nothing that beats wild strawberry jam and it looks like this will be the year!  I have them planted in an old wash tub that didn't have a bottom.  I keep the runners pinched, so they will concentrate on making berries not babies.

My friend, Jody, asked me what this little beauty is.  It is a Fritillari Meleagris or commonly known as Guinea Hen flowers.  Some are white and some are checkered.  Only my checkered ones come back.  They are pretty reliable and one of my favorite flowers.                                                   

To wind things up, I, leave you with the last of my tulips, I'm working on some rhubarb wine, and will give you the recipe for an interesting twist to lemonade.  I was skeptical, but turns out I love it.  I have no idea where I got the recipe.  It seems like an odd combination, but turned out great.  I recommend giving it a try.

Farmer's  Lemonade

1 1/2 c. Lemon Juice
16 oz. strawberries pureed
1/2 c. sugar
1 c. cream
6 c. water
lemon slices & ice

Stir lemon juice, sugar, and 1 c. water in a pitcher.  Stir until the sugar dissolves.  Add 5 c. water, strawberries and cream.  Sit on the porch and enjoy.


  1. Since I can't be there to see everything in person, I've loved the tour!! Your garden is off to a great start, and your flowers are lovely!!

  2. I am so green with envy on your green house! Seriously, I've been shopping online for ideas :) Your veggies have just popped out, they are looking incredible!! :) I'm bummed your apricot tulips didn't come up this year. Funny, the best luck I've had with tulips are the kind I pay the least amount for. Well, at least you have space to pick out something new! Hope the weather has been good! Cheers

  3. So sad to read that your 'Apricot Beauties' didn't return. I wonder why that could be? In my garden, they are the one tulip that has been faithfully coming back each spring.

    The bed does look great anyway!

    As does your greenhouse. I'm with Jenni there. Green with envy. LOL.

  4. LOVE the path in the greenhouse! Great job on everything!

  5. Wow your green house is great. The plants are doing very well. I never knew you did bees; cool.
    I am going to try this lemonade. Thank you. B

  6. Wow, beautiful pictures! And if the cabin in your header is yours . . . gorgeous!

    I canned a lot of strawberry jam this spring and can't wait to share it!

  7. We will try the lemonade, we make lemonade or limeade quite often in the summer. Limes are much cheaper than lemons these days so it tends to be limeade. Can't believe you still have tulips blooming, it is so hot here now. The greenhouse would be more like an over here right now.

  8. A newcomer, I am. Love, Love, LOVE your home. Our cabin is in need of another coat of love this summer or fall. Your gardens are fabulous. And your flowers have my WOW! Now, about that Rhubarb Wine~~~~
    Enjoyed my walk and welcome you to my abode.

  9. It sounds so wonderful I am going to make that, I would like to come and sit on your porch too. I do love your header picture of your house.
    Your garden looks wonderful. I see you are in Sharon Lovejoy's Grimy Hands Girls Club. She is my hero.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Your garden is looking great and the lemonade sounds yummy!
    We were suppose to have a guy put hives out here this year but we haven't seen him yet :(

  11. Enjoyed seeing all the photo's...that lemonade sounds good! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  12. Hi Bonnie, what a lovely haven you have created there. And, I see we share the love of a good cup of coffee! I am looking forward to giving your Farmer's Lemonade recipe a try ~ it does sound a little odd with the cream...but I'm sure it will be a delightful treat! Thanks for stopping by at the Farmstead, too.


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