Friday, June 24, 2011

Walk in the woods...

About once a month my husband and I take a walk around our property.  We are lucky enough to have 20 acres of forest.  I thought today I would take you on our walk.  The teacher in me is not going to identify the plants for you.  You need to do your homework or ask for help.  Put on your boots, it isn't an easy trip.  Of course I'm the looky loo my husband has to wait for.  I'm wandering around getting close ups of all the flowers and looking for wild strawberries.

 I call these my tiny dancers.  They are so delicate and beautiful.
Ok, this one is called mule's ear.

 What is this you ask?  It is sweet grass.  I highly recommend you plant some if you have a pond or bog.  It likes to keep its feet wet.   I started it last year thanks to my sister.  I grew enough to braid.  The Native Americans make braids and use them for smudges.  I put my braid on the window sill of our bedroom and when the wind blows the smell is so soothing.  I can't say enough how much I love this plant or how good it smells. 
 Our little pond.  Actually it is about 14 feet deep.  Next year, a windmill aerator and picnic table.  Oh don't forget the fish.  My dream is to go fishing here someday.
 Why did I take a photos of this dumpy old tree?  It is a wild apple tree!  It has seen better days.  We are trying to trim it slowly back into shape.  It bloomed like crazy this year.  I think it is good luck to have a wild apple tree on your property.

My husband built this beautiful gate.  He hand dug the holes for those two big posts.  I watched:)                                                                                                          I added a photo of the back of our cabin.  Yes, Mom and Dad the upstairs balcony still doesn't have a rail.  I promise I won't fall off.  Someday we will get the railing up.  I like that our cabin seems so small and cozy from the front and the back shows it's actual size.  Thanks for coming on the tour.  Hope you had fun.


  1. Very pretty and it was a nice walk. Sweet grass is so expensive to buy if you want to use the smell of it to make soap. I have always wanted to make soap with it because of the smell. I think it is lovely you have planted some.
    I love the picture of your log house.

  2. Great little tour! Thanks for taking us along.

  3. What a wonderful walk in the woods. Thank you for sharing it. You have beautiful property and I love you new header photo! I just changed mine the other day, as well.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Thanks for the tour! I won't even try to identify the plants...I'll just enjoy their beauty. :) And I love your house!

  5. Bonnie, I love your photos! Did you know you won the Give-Away on my blog?? Send me your address and I'll get it off to you. XOXO

  6. You truly have a beautiful home and property! That's quite a feat digging holes for those posts by hand. Love the rustic look to the gate.

  7. I loved going with you for that walk! And your pictures are just great. I've never heard of sweet grass before - must check it out now.

    Your house is something out of a dream! The only "OH-MY-SWEET-LORD!" detail that took my breath away was that balcony without a rail! I am afraid of hights and that spot would give me a heart attack.

    I am going to join your mom and dad and beg you - please put a rail on that thing!

  8. Oh my are right! Your house is huge and you don't really understand the size until seeing the back!! I absolutely adore the photo of the front of your house!! It is so inviting! It looks like a model home because it is so wonderfully perfect and put together...but you actually get to live in this place. It really must be a dream come true!

    So, I have never heard of sweet grass...I am wondering what it smells have got me curious now!

  9. Gorgeous property! You have made such a beautiful home. I love the plans you have for your pond, that will be fun to see it take shape. I agree that it is lucky to have a wild apple tree :) How about I pick a rose bouquet for you, come over and enjoy your beautiful spread while you pop the cork on a bottle of your awesome sound liquor :)

  10. Wow great tour I would have so enjoyed that walk with you. Beautiful property to explore. Thanks for identifying the flowers I am not very good at that part.B

  11. Your blog is amazing. I love your cabin, how fitting for your area. Your pictures are amazing too. My son would love to know if you have bison in your area. He is my 10 year old wild life expert. And loves to look at the pictures on other peoples blogs!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  12. What a lovely walk and pretty little flowers...LOVE your pond...I am so jealous, I want a pond I can fish in too...The gate is awesome too...Not sure about your balcony though...I am scared of heights..Just looking at the picture with no railing my tummy flip-flopped with nerves..Please be careful.

    Thank you for stopping by to visit this week...I would love to share that lemonade on the porch with you.

    Blessings Kelsie

  13. You have a lovely property! I think I'm going to go out and buy me some sweet grass! And, again, I'm so jealous of your front log porch! Love the new header photo!

  14. 20 acres of beautiful. Thank you for taking us on your walk, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

  15. I feel blessed to have taken that walk! Thank you! I will remember the sweet grass as we do have a pond!

  16. Bonnie,
    You mentioned that you might like a Bonnie's Bees and Blooms sign. That would be so cute!I've been thinking about making custom signs for fun. Email me through my blog if you are interested.

  17. I loved the walk through your property. It takes us a day to do that for the same reason as yours, he has to wait for the 'looky look' in me, also.
    There is sweet grass by our creek but I didn't realize it could be braided and that's where the wonderful aroma comes from as we walk through it.
    Wonders never cease.


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