Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer time flowers...

My red/yellow bed is looking sharp.  I love those black eyed susans.  I got them from my neighbor, AJ, in Lead. This evening is the perfect time for a garden stroll.  The weather is cool and fall is in the air. 

This bed's summertime flowers are blackeyed Susans, Maximillian sunflowers, red bee balm, coral bells, red dianthus, and midget (not the official name) goblin's blanket.

Ella is always ready for a game of catch.  She pretty sure that is our duty. 

Aren't those colors beautiful?


 I love how the light goes through the leaves of this honeysuckle.  I transplanted a piece of wild vine three years ago and it is doing great.  It has never gone to berry like this.  They are a lovely addition.
This is the path between our house and the garage.  The bees love the lamb's ear.  The path is a tad dangerous while the lamb's ear is flowering.  The bees flock to it and get disgruntled when disturbed.

 I do not remember planting these lilies.  I don't remember seeing them last year.  I guess they snuck in.  I sure like them.

Well, that is the end of the summer stroll.  I hope the weather is pleasant where you are. 


  1. Your summer flowers are so full of color--I especially love those lilies. I think I'll have to replicate those in paper!

  2. I love late summer flowers - the seasonal change is upon us too in England, trying to make the most of it before putting the garden to bed for winter.

  3. Awesome photos ! Lovely gardens! Ella your a cutie, Miggy says hi ! Have a wonderful day !

  4. Lovely! The flowers this time of year are among my favorites. Too bad their harbingers of the end of the season...

    Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  5. Beautiful! I like your little 'snuck in' lily too:) ... what a pleasant surprise. Thanks for sharing!

  6. This time of year when the color is starting to fade, it's so nice to have some still around--Even if it is in pictures like yours!!

    I hope you're enjoying your weekend!!

  7. My blackeyed susans died in the heat before they bloomed. I'm glad I could enjoy yours.

  8. All the comments I have ever left are relaying my admiration for the beauty of your garden. This is another one.We have had terrible thunder and lighting and heavy rain all day today. B

  9. Thank you for the end of summer stroll. I didn't know that honeysuckle could look like that...very interesting! We had a lot of wild lilies growing along the roadside this year around here. They were very pretty! It is hard to believe that fall is right around the corner. The evenings are always cool now..but still very damp.

  10. You have such a lovely bounty of rudbekias. And your walkway is just heavenly! Great series of photos.

  11. Hi dear,

    Everything looks GREAT!!! I know you work hard at it and here it is past midnight and you just left me a comment. Wonder woman?

    Yes, sunflowers are beyond magical...and the wildlife they attract is amazing. Goldfinches eat their green leaves as they're many moths, butterflies, syrphid flies, etc. visit them day and night.

    Planning and dreaming is so much fun.

    Now, I am finally off to sleep,

    Joys to you,


  12. I loved the tour of your gardens. The colors are simply amazing! I've tried to transplant wild honeysuckle with no luck at all - I'm happy that yours is doing well!

  13. gorgeous summer blooms!! the weather is cooling off here in new jersey and i could not be happier. this entry reminds me of a picture you posted once of yourself, in the garden, all wraped up in a blanket. you looked soooo cozy!!

    nice to see you again!! my "blogs i follow" has not been updateing correctly or completely, i am missing some also. i update a lot, please never worry about missing a few.

  14. Gorgeous as always! We have some of those lilies and I always think they look like floating jelly fishes.

  15. Love those flowers! I also really like the dog shot. That's a nice way to spend the summer.


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