Friday, August 26, 2011

We have success...


We have achieved greenhouse success!  I am including some photos of my bounty.  My goal is to make salsa this weekend.  Thank you my good friend Jody for the recipe.  I also want to give a thank you to Susan at "My Mother's Apron Strings!"  I made your chocolate pumpkin cake as a birthday cake for one of my teachers.  It got rave reviews!  It has been a plentiful summer here.  Have been making jam, wine, fruit roll ups, harvesting seeds, and overall keeping pretty busy.  Sorry if I haven't been able to keep up with everyone's blogs.  I've been kept on my toes. 

red pepper

little baby pumpkin

My flourishing greenhouse, beehives, and berry beds.

If you look hard you can see a pumpkin, sweetcorn, and my tomatoes.

itty bitty turnips (I just like to eat the leaves)
This is Kelly's 'Sassy Saskatoon' wine.  Made out of our serviceberries.  I used the berry pulp to make fruit roll ups.  That didn't turn out too bad. 

Sassy Saskatoon


  1. Everything looks great! Congrats on the successful harvest. Looks like you have been very busy! Fun stuff! Happy Gardening! Mindy

  2. A dear friend gave me her family's salsa recipe and seeing your beautiful tomatoes and peppers makes my mouth water for some! Thank you for the review--it's one of my favorite cakes too (for so many reasons!) XOXO

  3. wow, it looks like you have a bountiful garden. you may need an addition on that greenhouse!!!

  4. Everything looks great!! I agree that you may need an addition to that greenhouse--something tells me that the zucchini wants his own room! :-)

  5. I am so impressed with your garden. I also am impressed with your skill at making this garden into something you will enjoy over the winter. B


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